Vitaly Portnikov: Crimea and hope

After the scandalous statements of the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko on the possibility of “sharing” of the Donbas to the Crimea ones routinely accused former pilot in the betrayal of national interests, while others noted that Savchenko was simply unable to clearly articulate their thoughts. And that she was not talking about the fact that Ukraine needs to change the Donbas to the Crimea, and that Russia wants “to exchange” the return of Donbas to the Crimea. And that, as they say in Odessa — two big differences.

But there is no difference in the fact that they are both the greatest misconception. A mistake to think that Ukraine may withdraw from defending its territorial integrity and to declare that the Donetsk and Lugansk regions are more important to her than Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Crimea is no different from Donbas, Bukovyna and Volyn region — this is the same territory of Ukraine from the point of view of international law. A country that abandons its own borders, respects no one.

The occupation of Crimea, Putin’s regime is not recognised by any country in the world. But the independence of the Republic of Kosovo is recognized by dozens of countries. But this does not prevent the Republic of Serbia consistently to assert their own idea of territorial integrity. Yes, in Washington or Brussels may think differently. But this should not change the position of the Belgrade. And most importantly — this position is respected even among those who recognize Kosovo’s statehood. So why is Serbia by universal recognition of Kosovo can defend its territorial integrity, and Ukraine at the General lack of recognition of the occupation of the Crimea can not? We “terpily”?

But the same fallacy is to think that Russia is going to trade with Ukraine or something on some exchanges. Not going to. It was stated by press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov — and it’s true. Crimea for Putin and his camarilla — and for the vast majority of Russian citizens — “closed question”. Donbass Putin is also not going away, the best he can, is to imitate a solution. But also from the gangster regimes he will not give up, because they are the perfect app to its strategy of internal destabilization of our country. Because Putin does not need some kind of Crimea, the Donbass — he wants all of Ukraine. And when in the State Duma of Russia said that the best President would be urkagany and a murderer Zakharchenko, it is only from our point of view is insane. They really want our President was urkagany, which will destroy all Ukrainian and turn Ukraine into a Russian Bantustan. Isn’t that why they were so happy to urkagan Yanukovych?

So what then is the solution — can ask me any inexperienced Nadezhda Savchenko — is the war?

No, not a war. There is a solution — if you have patience. It consists in the collapse of the Russian political regime. And there is a very big chance that this regime will collapse along with the current model of the Russian state. Can be arbitrarily long to convince myself that this is a political fiction that the money Russia is still quite that sanctions is a painless injection that tomorrow Putin will agree with trump.

Money is really enough for another year. The brain may not be enough. When country is run by incompetent fools, they will bring it to “out”. We all were with the notorious Soviet Union. Is there it was just the roads? No, it was still out in the cold. And for a quarter century and roads in Russia has not improved, and stupid not smarter.

So there is no doubt — the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored. And territorial integrity of Moldova. And territorial integrity of Georgia. Armenia and Azerbaijan to find compromise on Karabakh. As soon as the Empire will perish, will be drained of all its blood marsh.