With what may be due to inflammation in the body

The bite of a mosquito or other insect can cause severe swelling, redness and itching — all of this inflammation. Strongly do not worry — most likely, it will pass in a few hours or days.

This is a natural reaction of our body to injury and infection, some of which can cause inflammation, writes steptohealth.ru.

On the other hand, a small inflammation can last a very long time, for several weeks or months.

The so-called chronic inflammation may also be accompanied by symptoms of active inflammatory process, but attempts to cure it have been unsuccessful.

If the inflammation persists, the danger increases. It can cause various diseases, starting with diabetes and ending with heart problems, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some of the most common causes of development of inflammatory processes:

You have excess weight

If you have a few extra pounds, fat cells can start the inflammatory process.

As we age, the fatty tissue is attacking certain cells in our body, resulting in inflammation.

Obesity among young people may signal anxiety fat cells. The immune system begins to act in order to protect your body, although in reality it threatens nothing.

Your life is in chaos and the stress is driving you crazy

One of the most common causes of inflammation is stress, which can be acute or chronic.

Acute stress can be caused by strong emotions or fears when you are in a life-threatening situation.

Chronic stress can be caused by troubles at work or in a marriage that cause constant concern.

The stress hormone cortisol plays an important role in the regulation of inflammatory processes. The problem is that chronic stress can block this hormone.

According to a study conducted by Rockefeller University, it can lead to uncontrolled inflammation.

Chronic stress can increase the amount of inflamed white blood cells, with the result that the body becomes more vulnerable to inflammatory processes.

Intestinal bacteria

Not all bacteria is dangerous. Some of them can inhibit inflammatory processes, and others can activate, depending on their nature. Anyway, about 70% of immune cells reside in our gut.

This means that intestinal bacteria can affect the immune system in various ways, including becoming one of the causes of inflammation.

Some research suggests that the microbes living in the gut may be associated with the development of rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Inflammation, which cause these intestinal microbes, can also worsen or alleviate the risk of developing other diseases, such as HIV.

You abuse alcohol

Physiologically, alcohol may be broken down in our body. This reaction produces toxic byproducts that can cause inflammation. The liver is the main organ involved in the breakdown and processing of alcohol.

This means that when we drink too much alcohol in the first place inflammation develops in the liver. Too much alcohol prevents the liver to rest and detoxify.

It can also cause serious problems, such as steatosis or fatty liver.

In addition, if you drink a lot of alcohol in the body accumulate fat, which can lead to cirrhosis or hepatitis.

You take the pill

Before menopause, many women control the birth rate through various types of contraception, including those using oral contraceptives.

This allows to avoid pregnancy in adulthood, but can also be one of the causes of inflammation.

Women who take oral contraceptives in the period before menopause, stronger risk to suffer from inflammatory processes in the body than women who do not accept them.

In 2014, the American journal PLoS One published a study that the risk of development of inflammatory processes in women who don’t take meds, minimal.

This does not mean you have to completely abandon the use of contraception. If you do not plan pregnancy, consult your gynecologist for advice.

Chronic inflammation can last for several weeks or months and can develop in any part of the body.

If you are overweight, smoke, drink alcohol or oral contraceptives, pay close attention to what is happening in your body.

Remember that in order to cope with these problems, you need to exercise, watch your weight and eat healthy.