Theft Of Ilya Muromets

Kiev officials Rob the Ukrainians of the hero Ilya Muromets, the Russian media writes. In light of this crime it is clear that the defensive intervention of Russia in Ukraine was just the beginning. The trial started with a Muromets, and what end?

The hero Ilya Muromets, Russian, committed his acts near Kiev, but was born under Karacharovo in Murom — 300 kilometers from Moscow. The Ukrainians claim that he was born in Muromski under the Chernihiv just North of Kyiv in the Ukrainian family. Clear — the war here is not to avoid.

However, it can happen that Russia, even with the Crimea, will have to return to Sweden, which she is owed. When a thousand years ago the Vikings called Vikings founded Russia, they called this country Rus, the ancient Finnish name of Sweden. So, it turns out, the Muromets is, rather, a Swede or a Finn than Russian or Ukrainian. So the war could move to the Arctic circle, and possibly to Iceland, where in ancient Viking burial when he found the headdress of the father of the Muromets, but it is somehow forgotten.

Although the Ilya Muromets, who rode a horse with the speed of the wind, did not exist, this is not the reason that he had no roots and it has not belonged to someone else. There is no light character, which someone and someone stole it, and there is no country that doesn’t belong to someone else. He forefather Czech was the Ukrainians who came from Russia and spoke Mongolian. And one day the Russians will come after him.