The confusion in US policy — a joy for Russia

Russia is seeking in the information war to democracy of Western countries looked ridiculous. Indeed, the confusion in U.S. policy is already beginning to resemble a farce, writes the Helsingin Sanomat journalist Sami Sillanpää (Sillanpää Salli).

The confusion has reached such proportions that not fun for anyone. With the exception of Russia. She must be very fun.

Future US President Donald trump (Donald Trump) day-to-day pursues the hype, which is every day updated with some tricky parts.

One such detail is the warning of the heads of intelligence services of the US that Russia may have information dangerous to trump.

Information affects, for example, the business of trump and his indecent behavior.

These allegations have not been proven, and trump called them “false news”.

This scandal is a continuation of U.S. intelligence report, according to which Russia is trying with the help of hacker attacks, false information and propaganda to influence the U.S. presidential election in favor of trump.

To determine whether the report is true or false, is not so easy.

However, whatever the truth, the tramp will always be the shadow of Russia. The suspicion that the next U.S. President could ask for help from another state, or in some way came under its influence, is too serious to end disputes.

Presidential term, trump has not even begun. But when he went to the post, every decision, both for Russia, will be treated with suspicion about his motives.

The burden is heavy. In this regard, the trump will assume his duties in very difficult circumstances, unlike his immediate predecessors.

Of accusations that trump is guilty of something bad, no. In the confusion he may be a scoundrel and a victim.

In any case, trump as President is very vulnerable because of its international business — whether it is Russia or another country.

Concern Trump Organization includes more than 500 companies that have trade relations around the world from Turkey to India and from Dubai to Germany. In the stock portfolio of trump’s investments in Apple, Ford, Shell and other international businesses that are well represented in Russia and in China or Finland.
Russia announced that it has materials that harm the reputation of trump. On the role of the Kremlin in the political mess the US is also unlikely to be misleading the public.
Without a doubt, in Moscow now is laughter.

The main goal of information warfare in Russia is not the winning trump in the election. If the report prepared by the US intelligence, is true, then hacking operation is likely to have prepared a plan and in case of victory of Hillary Clinton. The scandal, accompanied by vague claims, perhaps this time more might be after her.
The larger strategic goal of information warfare Russia is to achieve confusion and quarrels in the West. This is known as in Finland and in the rest of Europe.

Roughly speaking, Russia wants to undermine the credibility of Western liberal democracy, to make sure she looked ridiculous.

And this confusion in the US is really beginning to resemble a farce, regardless of whether involved in her Russian.

The more the United States or European countries immersed in the solution of internal disputes, the less attention they pay to other questions. For Russia, this is the right time to act, for example, in neighbouring countries.
As for Russia’s presidency, trump will begin exactly under the sign “plus”.