“Democracy is not a political order by catalogue”

At the end of his tenure as President of Germany Joachim gauck (Joachim Gauck) requires a “ready for defense, and uncompromising democracy.” Need to strengthen internal and external security of the country. Speaking before nearly 200 guests who came to his residence Schloss Bellevue, gauck reminded of his speech when taking office in 2012 under the title: “How to look like our country?” Even then it is with full confidence approached the answer to this question.


At the end of his tenure, his views have become much more pessimistic. “Now, after nearly five years, I increasingly imbued with consciousness that of this democratic and stable Germany are threatened and the danger,” said gauck.

The EU as a result of such withdrawal needs to increase their effort on defense, he said. “I make an unequivocal statement to our Eastern European allies: the duty to assist, NATO is not subject to doubt”.


“It takes a lot of effort to make it dictates the future.” Consistently pacifist position gauck considers inappropriate. “The statement that there can be no military solution, that sounds well and good in itself, but only when all parties adhere to this rule,” said he.


The fact that gauck is so clearly in favour of a defensive Alliance, should perhaps be attributed to the concerns of the Eastern partners of the EU and NATO on Russia. A certain role was also played by the critical statements of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump about the importance of NATO.

He believes that increased the threat of Islamist terror. The terrorist attacks of the past months, Germany has to respond as a strong state. “The rule of law will lose if the fight against violence and terror, it is too weak,” he said.


Great safety poses no danger to democracy, and is a necessity for its protection. In international politics gauck reiterated his demand that Germany assumed more responsibility. “Given the challenges of our time and our abilities, we could and should do much more”.


Due to the fears of many citizens because of globalization or increased migration, gauck praised the defense of German democracy. In this respect, it requires self-reliance. The correct answer to the nationalists, he said, is “We remain Germans as Europeans.”


The dividing line in a democracy takes place not between old and new citizens, and not between Christians, Muslims, Jews, or atheists, said the President of Germany. “The decisive dividing line runs between the Democrats and not Democrats. It is important not the origin and behavior.”


Among migrants there are many who especially appreciate the open society, because they can achieve prosperity and live in peace. There is every reason for this identity and pride in relation to the EU as “a unique project of peace and prosperity.”


“Liberal democracy and political and normative project of the West are under fire,” stressed gauck. The fact that in certain parts of society, there are demands to the state and people consider it as just providing services is not acceptable. “Democracy is not a political order catalog. Democracy is complicity in their own fate,” says gauck. “Our country cannot give every citizen the money-filled safe”.


Gauck touched on in his speech are also relevant to the discussion about fake news and unbridled, hate-filled comments on social media: “We live in harsh times.” It is often difficult to discern what is true and what is false. “First of all the social networks are distributed almost limitless lies, curses and insults”.


The period of stay of gauck as President ends on March 18. 76-year-old politician refused his election for a second term. 12 Feb the Federal Assembly elects a new head of state. Likely successor is foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Frank-Walter Steinmeier).