Was shocked: Arakhamia responded to the interview Girkin

The politician hopes that it was done for evidence of Russian aggression against Ukraine

The head of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya shocked interview to journalist Dmytro Gordon with the former so-called “Minister of defence LNR” Igor Girkin (Strelkov). The only plus is new evidence of Russian aggression, dubbed a terrorist.

He said this to journalists at a briefing, transfers “UKRINFORM”.

“When I saw it, the General was in shock. I totally was not looking, because I opened to check what is really going on. The only positive is the evidence that Russia is aggressor country, attracts professional officers of the FSB in order to attack our country. Perhaps this is really a historic value. If it’s capturing the evidence, then it makes sense, I guess,” said Arakhamia.

As reported “Today”, journalist Dmitry Gordon interviewed Igor Girkin, which caused a storm of criticism. Come down to the fact that his office has sent activists to the protest. The journalist explained that this interview was recorded “in collaboration with the Ukrainian special services.” According to him, these conversations should be “one of the main testimonies” at the trial, the Hague Tribunal in the case of “the annexation of Crimea and the unleashing carnage in the Donbas.”

In the SBU said that this interview was the initiative of the journalist and the words, Girkin is already examining the Agency as additional evidence of Russian aggression.

At the same time the Prosecutor General’s office interview of Gordon Girkin also find it usefulbecause the terrorist said on the specific facts of committing particularly serious crimes.

Note that in this interview Girkin admitted that he shot the Ukrainian volunteers. According to him, he gave the orders to execute and in some cases killed people.