Will Russia do the hacking on other elections?

There is one point in the recent report of the CIA, FBI and National security Agency of the USA on Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections, which went unnoticed. We are talking about the fact that there is a probability that Russia may try to help the election of authoritarian presidents — populists in the upcoming elections in Germany, France and even Mexico.

It looks very strange and more like the plot from a Hollywood movie. However, in a joint statement, the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency from October 6, 2016, States that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to hold the 2016 campaign to influence the American presidential election and thus to help Donald Trump win the election in the United States. The Russian aim was to undermine public confidence in the democratic process, the denigration of Clinton and undermining its chances of winning and a potential presidency.

The report also contains the assertion that Russia is likely to continue to attempt to influence the vote in the upcoming elections in the countries-allies of the United States.

After reading the report of the intelligence community of the United States, I called Garry Kasparov, the famous Russian dissident, President of the Foundation for human Rights and former world chess champion, to ask what could be the motives of Putin, to promote the election trump in the election. Kasparov gave me several possible reasons. In particular, he believes that Russia is experiencing a difficult economic situation, and Putin had to show strength as a world leader able to challenge the United States and even influence the outcome of the vote.

Secondly, according to Kasparov, Putin’s trump is the ideal American President. Trump criticizes NATO, EU and other organizations that protect the security and democracy in the zone of American influence and oppose the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014.

“Putin understands that under its Imperial policy, such organizations as NATO and the European Union are an obstacle. So he wants to destroy them, and in the implementation of the plan, trump is a perfect candidate,” said Kasparov.

“Thirdly, taking into account that trump never released his tax returns, we do not know whether they had received Russian money to save his business after four bankruptcies or not. We also do not know in any business dealings he was with the Russian partners during the organization and holding of the Miss universe contest in 2013,” — said Kasparov. Trump claims that currently it has no business in Russia.

When I asked Kasparov whether Putin to try to influence the outcome of the upcoming elections in Germany, Italy and Mexico, he replied: “I don’t know how important he Mexico in its geopolitical plans. But if it’s important, of course, he will intervene”.
“As for Germany, there is already happening,” said Kasparov, and added that, according to German intelligence, Russia sought to undermine the position of Angela Merkel.

“In addition, traces of Putin can be traced in the course of Breccia in the UK and a referendum to change the Constitution in Italy, proposed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi”.

My opinion: I would not be surprised if Putin tries to help elected leaders and national populist circles in the upcoming elections in Germany, France and even Mexico.
His motives may be very simple: if trump, as many fear, will be an authoritarian President, but in Germany and France will come to power far-right nationalist leaders, none of them will have the moral authority to criticize Putin — autocrat.

Obama has too long suffered, and later warned the world about the threat of cyber attacks from Russia. If trump begins to take seriously the threat from Russia and will defend the principles of democracy and human rights, as did most of his predecessors-Republicans and Democrats that Russia could try to use cyber espionage and false information to affect the outcome of the vote in the upcoming elections in the Western countries. Such a development may threaten the existence of Western democracy.