Putin will bargain with trump for Ukraine, but will fail for the simple reason

The recent visit to Moscow by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and his meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed serious discrepancies between countries. Therefore, to assess the probability of meeting the two leaders — Donald trump and Vladimir Putin — no one can, although rumors about it appear constantly. “Apostrophe” asked the Russian financier and blogger Glory Rabinovich, what could be the first meeting between the two presidents, as if leaked their conversation about Ukraine, and about why the Russian leader will not turn out to arrange “exchange” of Ukrainian territory with his American counterpart.

As I understand it, trump and Putin is still not assigned. No one knows whether it will at all. I’m really interested in — not as an analyst but as a citizen of the Russian Federation and the United States — which was a joint (Russian-American — “Apostrophe”) gesheft, which combines agreement and any conversations before trump was close to the President that there really was (people between Putin and the future President of the United States — “the Apostrophe”). I am interested from the point of view of a citizen, because I have a right to know.

Because people like Putin are on the taxes of citizens. As a US citizen I am more or less sure that such bodies as the CIA, Congress, Senate, special Commission, to the end of investigating a potential conflict of interest, a potential violation of the law, the agreements carried out the trump, but had no right to it. All that interests me from the point of view of possible violations of the right to the presidential race, during it, and with the inauguration of the President. Any unlawful, illegal action — this is something of interest. I believe in the American system.

But on the Russian side, I don’t believe in anything. If between Putin and trump had any illegal agreement, we know in advance that from the Russian side we will never find the truth until Putin’s regime will not fall, unless somehow, someone will sit in the dock until you open the archives and some secret data that will enable us to judge of any state and malfeasance. And here in the US nothing in the end, will not remain secret.

That in case of a possible trump meeting with Putin, will speak about Ukraine, it’s pretty obvious. It is absolutely 100%. Because now it is one of the “hot spots” of the planet. But Putin is no requirement regarding the exchange of the Ukraine in return for something simply can not be determined. And never could be. Trump could never satisfy those requirements.

What I want is Putin? Putin would like to end the war in the East of Ukraine in exchange for recognition of Crimea under jurisdiction of Russia. He didn’t get it. Yes, this topic will rise during meetings. But in this form will not even be discussed. Because neither trump nor Merkel nor Hollande nor the future President of France Makron, no other heads of state are not authorized, by definition, to exchange any annexed territory for peace in some other territories, where Russia started the war.

Can not imagine how could the Kremlin, the Putin administration, people who do not know what year you live, to hope that they could talk with America in 2014 or 2017, in the 21st century, the division of the world into zones of interest. They don’t live in that era. The American administration will never pursue with another country this kind of negotiation.