10 facts about world economic forum

How much it costs to become a partner of the WEF? How much is the participation in annual session? How much Switzerland spends on security in Davos? And why the forum is regularly criticized?

1. What is the WEF?

The world economic forum in Davos (WEF) is a private Foundation with headquarters in Geneva. It is supported by international members and partners who make a financial contribution to the organization of the annual meetings where they share their experiences and opinions on various issues. The Central event is held annually in Davos, Switzerland.

2. Who is the partner?

This is a group of 100 transnational corporations, such as ABB, Nestle, Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank and Google. Partners determine the agenda of the WEF and participate in its financing: annually, making the amount of 115 thousand francs.

3. Who is a member of WEF?

According to the WEF, members of the Foundation are thousands of the largest companies in the world, a total of about 1200. Each participant pays 31 500 francs a year.

4. How much is the participation in the WEF?

Partners and members of the WEF pay 45 thousand francs to the Director or President of their company to participate in the Davos Forum.

Political representatives and guests, but to receive a personal invitation to take part in the WEF.

5. The extent to which Switzerland supports the WEF?

Switzerland acts as a “hostess.” This obliges the Federal President to officially open the Forum. In 2017 did Doris Leuthard.

The Federal government believes the annual session in Davos, “an extraordinary event for Switzerland”, which provides a unique opportunity to develop relationships with many leading players from different areas in a special atmosphere. In addition, the role of the hostess of the Forum, where the exchange of ideas and the search for solutions, corresponds to the long tradition of Switzerland to be a mediator and host to international conferences and meetings, — written on the website of the Federal Council.

To ensure security during the WEF, which takes place this year from 13 to 23 January, the Federal government may use up to 5 thousand troops. The army is allocated a budget of some $ 28 million francs. Furthermore, an additional 9 million francs to the needs of the police and on other charges to safety come from the Federal Treasury, from the Canton of Grisons and the community of Davos.

7. How to explain the reputation of the WEF?

Forum in Davos manages to gather under one roof 2500 politicians, business, science and media from more than 90 countries, to collectively discuss current issues. The WEF claims that he is trying to improve the world.

8. Did the activities of the WEF to changes in the world?

Indirectly. The purpose of the WEF is to promote dialogue and exchange of ideas. The forum became a platform for important meetings and initiatives.

9. What the critics say?

Representatives of the civil society Forum qualify as “club of the rich entrepreneurs,” which offers some good ideas, but generally pursue their own interests. Davos is perceived as the engine of globalization, which exacerbates poverty and environmental pollution around the world.

10. If the WEF takes these accusations seriously?

Partially. For several years the Forum also addresses issues of social justice and sustainable development, in Davos invite representatives of civil society, as well as figures of science and culture.