Trump vs Europe

Every day there are signals that Donald trump will put transatlantic relations to the test. In addition to the tough remarks about Mexico and China, which he called trade by enemies and threatened by the introduction of customs duties in the form of punishment, the future President criticized the EU and NATO.

The EU, he called a failed project that, following the example of great Britain, should leave all of its participants. As for NATO, the trump called it an outdated organization whose time has gone. The President-elect said that the EU was established as a trading competitor, the United States and that once he takes office, he will offer the UK a preferential trade agreement. In both cases, it proved dangerous and very disturbing, as the European reality and the benefits that has brought and continues to bring both sides open, safe, free and prosperous transatlantic space.

But disturbing is not only the ignorance of trump (no matter how he wanted to help the British premiere of Theresa may in her desire to quickly withdraw from the EU, Britain will not be able to sign trade agreements with the United States, yet not fulfill the agreement about the withdrawal, which can take up to two years), and the fact that he blames the EU in General and Germany in particular that they provoked Brakcet, flooding the UK of Syrian refugees. This is utterly a false statement. From the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, London has decided to withdraw from the European solidarity and the European principles in this area.

From attacks on Angela Merkel for her immigration policies and the threat to impose a fee in the amount of 30%-35% of German carmaker BMW, if he will continue investing in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi (where trump has already made a review of $ 1.6 billion automaker Ford), it follows that together with the praise to Vladimir Putin and a proposal to cancel anti-Russian sanctions Europe will be a very sad future. If we add to this statement trump that immediately after taking office, he intends to tighten the conditions of entry in the United States for the Europeans, we see that the transatlantic agenda soon will cause considerable tensions and disagreements.

Obama was able to understand that a United Europe will better serve the interests of the United States than Europe disconnected. That is why he addressed to the British asking them not to leave the EU and to make efforts for its improvement. Now in Washington the President would be sympathetic to the skeptics, incites division of Europe and to escalate transatlantic tension. Europe cannot continue to ignore the obvious facts and count on that everything will be fine. She should publicly Express its concern about the fate of the continent and the vector of development of the transatlantic relationship, which offers trump, and send the new administration a clear signal about its commitment to act together to protect European interests.