10-year-old girl stood up to bullying in school and created his own brand of clothing

A colored resident of Los Angeles, which persecuted at school for her skin color, managed to repel his haters, and even become popular.

10-year-old girl caris Rogers spoke out against racism and founded his own clothing line called Flexin’ In My Complexion.

First, caris has faced the jeers of his classmates in elementary school. But even after she was transferred to a new school, bullying didn’t end.

“I started this persecution, like that time in first grade because we had only four black child. And I was bullied just because the classmates are not used to this kind of skin tone as me. There was another case with a teacher — in the drawing, where we had to portray ourselves, she gave me not brown, a black pencil, and I’m very upset,” said in an interview with Keris.

But the situation changed when images of a dark-skinned girl posted on Twitter her sister, 22-year-old Taylor Pollard.

10-Year-Old Kheris Rogers starts empowering “Flexin’ In My Complexion” clothing line after being bullied for her Black skin. pic.twitter.com/2j6oyMnCWA

Black News (@BlackNewsOutlet) 30 may 2017

After the photo responded a large number of people, Keris was inspired to create clothing under the label Flexin’ In My Complexion. This name comes from flashmob #FlexinMyComplexion, in which people protested against the exclusively white faces in glossy magazines, advertising, wrote about that and other color person has a right to exist.

It is noteworthy that the brand of a dark-skinned girl is already very popular, many people in the US and not only to dress in these t-shirts and participate in the flashmob.

“Now caris is aware that it’s not only her, but a global problem,” says her sister.

However, Rogers said: “No matter how dark or light your skin is, just know that the color of your face does not determine how pretty you are”.