Left and a big Russian conspiracy theory

Classes “boltologiya” finally went insane. And on both sides of the Atlantic. After 17 million angry Britons sent their beloved EU away, and Hillary lost this orange clown, for whom — as they expected — had to vote for just any cattle, while they teetered on the edge of insanity. However, they soon took a step forward and fell down. Now they are rapidly removed from the world of logic and fall into the cesspool of fear and conspiracy. It is hard to tell, tragic or funny.

Take, for example, the latest issue of The New Yorker. It’s crazy. A clear example of McCarthy thinking that has infected evolibrary after winning trump. Before us The New Yorker from a future dystopian America, captured by the Evil Empire. The journal title is written in Cyrillic, and its famous symbol — the dandy Eustace Tilly is turned into a Putin. Now he’s “Eustace tilley Vladimirovich”. Under the cover it is even worse. Article 13 of thousands of words under the title “trump, Putin and the new cold war” is accompanied with an illustration in black and red colors, which the Kremlin like a flying saucer, hovered over the White house and shoots it with a laser. So Hollywood fiction blends with the house UN-American activities in an Orgy of liberal terror threatens to destroy the Russian nation.

Before that the Russian Communists and the liberals are threatening the Western way of thinking and way of life were mostly right, but now the subject was intercepted by the left. Trump call “Putin’s puppet and “unwitting agent of Moscow”. The New York Times even called him “the Siberian candidate,” hinting at the 1962 Thriller “the Manchurian candidate” in which the Korean Communists brainwashed American, and turned him into a killer. Seriously, that’s how they perceive trump. For them he created Putin fighter for Russian interests, who is going to destroy the American way of life — if not for American citizens. Vanity Fair directly asked whether trump to be a Manchurian candidate.

These people really need to relax a bit. However, if very carefully read the boring article of The New Yorker, you can find mention of the fact that American officials never brought the evidence to support the claim, according to which Putin ordered to crack-Democrats, in order to facilitate the arrival of trump to power: “the Declassified report [of Putin’s intervention] contains more assertions than facts.”

However, this does not interfere with our left maccarthysm against the “red menace” in the Internet, believe any nonsense about the alleged attempts of Putin to lead trump in the White house. In December, the company YouGov surveyed voters Democrats and found that, according to 50% of them, “Russia rigged the voting to help the Tramp”. That is Putintsev, targeting the White house tampered with the voting machines or the rigged counting of votes? Only here there is no evidence that reason does not exist, and YouGov klassificeret such allegations as “conspiracy theory, carried out on election day”. And similar delirium continues to spread.

The specter of Putinism is now blamed for everything that is not like the liberal elite. According to Ben Bradshaw (Ben Bradshaw), “very likely” that Russia intervened in the referendum on EU membership. “Very likely” in this case means: “I Have not a single proof, but it tells me my left heel”. Even quite serious problem of “fake news” however, this widespread fear of the treacherous aliens who had declared war on our pure and innocent, the media-political world. Very characteristic in this sense, the use of militaristic metaphors. For example, in the title published at the weekend in The Guardian article on the wealthy, which creates different news sites, referred to “the billionaire and the expert on “big data” at war with mainstream media”.

The author talks about the “war bots” — including the “Russian”. “Who organises them?” pointedly he asks. It is assumed that these “auto-bots” from Twitter and other social networks — that is, a computer program, all the time repeating the same replica — spreading slogans and hashtags that are “change the discussion” and increase the popularity of trump, Breccia etc Russian bots (who is behind them? You know who!) penetrate into my brain, into your brain and into the brain of anyone who does not like the EU or does not believe that Hillary would make a good President, and make us believe in certain things. “Evil bots from social networking read minds and manipulate votes. Nightmare! This explains the mystery of trump and Broksita”, — summed up in his tweet about the Guardian article, Richard Dawkins (Richard Dawkins)

My God, my God! What happened to them? Do they really believe that Putin organized Brakcet? That the Russians had manipulated the vote counting in USA? Russian network bots “read minds”? All, they went nuts. Meet. The same people who for years criticized the conspiracy theory, is now diligently spread the conspiracy. The same people who for months talked about the “PostPage” in relation to Brexia and Trump clearly demonstrated that they do not imagine that is true. The same people who all the time boasted of his logic, were the usual peddlers of paranoia.

In his classic 1964 article “the Paranoid style in American politics”, written shortly after the era of McCarthyism, Richard Hofstadter (Richard Hofstadter) identified two important elements laced with fear and ignore the facts of political consciousness. Firstly, this obsession with “behaviors” allegedly pointing to the involvement in the conspiracy, and, secondly, the belief in the existence of some external force that threatens the entire political order. He noted that McCarthy often spoke of “enigmatic scheme”, which stands for “beneficial to the Kremlin” antics of some politicians. In addition, he emphasized that political paranoids always believe: at stake is our civilization itself. “Paranoid talks about the birth and death of whole worlds, whole political orders,” wrote Hofstadter,.

This certainly describes the current state of Affairs. Opponents of the current political order seek out supporters of trump’s beneficial to Putin “patterns of behavior”, turning any brief telephone conversation and any invitation for lunch as a proof that the White house primarily concerned with the interests of the Kremlin. In addition, they constantly bemoan the end of America or end of Europe, the “death of whole worlds”, the end of everything. Thus, as we see, they have already left the world of reason and now, without realizing it, we live in the land of paranoia.