Women with type figure “pear” live longer – scientists

According to studies, women with pear-shaped figures, that is, those who have it on the thighs and buttocks a greater percentage of adipose tissue, can boast the best health indicators. Unlike owners of narrow hips.

Scientists from the University of Tubingen in Germany found that thigh fat is better than fat in other places though, because he has the unique ability to remain in place throughout life. While the fat from the upper body, especially in the abdominal area – are able to move, enveloping the internal organs such as the heart and liver. And thereby causes heart and liver problems, and so reduces life expectancy.


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To such conclusion scientists have come, having analysed the data of thousands of volunteers, among whom were healthy women, women with normal weight but metabolically unhealthy (they have a fat percentage in the body exceeds the norm), overweight women, women with obesity. At the same time all participants of the study were increased risk of heart disease and diabetes because of the body weight, family history or abnormally high glucose levels.

“It is better for a person with normal weight was the figure of the type “pear” and not “Apple”, because the concentration excess weight and fatty tissue in the lower part significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes,” says lead author of the study, Norbert Stefan.