Moscow responded with total silence to the release of US intelligence

MOSCOW — Statements by heads of U.S. intelligence, who accused the Russian authorities of involvement in hacking attacks on the computers of the Democratic party, in the last two days standing in the main television programs of the USA and on the front pages of American Newspapers in Russia were not commented upon by any of those who usually make such comments are on duty or in accordance with its status as a public persona.

Neither the Kremlin nor the foreign Ministry nor the heads of committees for international Affairs of both chambers of the Russian Parliament has not made any statements regarding the allegations made by Washington. Representatives of the military also remained silent, as political commentators have not published on this occasion none of the speakers or even the replica on the websites of the information resources associated with the Russian authorities.

This unexpected silence on the subject, that the whole Russian establishment briskly with irritation and commented on during the last months of the last year, some observers explain the protracted new year holidays, which in Russia from new year flow smoothly into Christmas and beyond — in a unique celebration of “old New Year”.

However, there is another explanation: in Moscow just waiting for the arrival of Donald trump in the White house, and the entire Russian ruling elite embraced the new year statement by President of Russia Vladimir Putin about unwillingness “to stoop to the level of “cooking” diplomacy” as a guide to action — or rather, for silence.

Nikolai Petrov: the Officials understand Putin’s statement as a command not to respond

Head of the Center for political-geographic research, Nikolai Petrov, said in an interview with the Russian service “voice of America” that Moscow’s silence is explained by the expectations, which the Russian leadership is already for some time: “There are, indeed, some waiting, which started even with Putin’s reaction to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the United States, and the presidential address, from which it became clear that the Kremlin is already waiting for the arrival of the new administration in Washington, her first action, and therefore refrained from any statements and assessments, which could prevent the establishment of relations with new leader”.

“Well, after Putin’s reaction to the expulsion of diplomats, it became clear that in fact the command is given (it does not matter whether it is given or officials looking at the President and you just understand it that way) not to answer, especially due to reactions to all this, issued by trump. Putin probably traveling now for some remote temples, and with no direct guidance from the Kremlin — how to respond — officials did not take the liberty without a clear signal from the very top to give any comments” — the expert believes.

Nikolai Petrov believes that the Russian leadership in the current situation, afraid to hurt the development in the right direction: “oddly enough, the Kremlin’s actions seem logical and rational, especially because trump questioned the conclusions drawn by U.S. intelligence agencies, and in this case, if the Russian side began to start anything to prove or disprove, it could change the situation in the worst way.”

Alexander Konovalov: the Expectation of a warming between Washington and Moscow when trump is incorrect

The President of the Institute for strategic assessments Alexander Konovalov inclined to explain the absence of Russian official comment on the allegations of hacking, first of all, the holidays: “we Have a great winter break, and if Russia stops working, it stops working on all lines of the state mechanism. The fact that no one reacted, may be the implementation of direct instruction, and lack any indication, as all relax”.

The analyst supports the fact that the Kremlin is fully focused on the pending arrival of Donald trump in the White house, but says that this expectation can result in serious disappointment: “the Highest political leadership of Russia is still in the hope that trump can convince of the purity and innocence of Russia, and we will begin a period of very good relations.

However, their view that trump is the President is entirely consistent with the aspirations of the Russian elite, categorically wrong. Trump is not a Pro-Russian President and Pro-American, albeit from a very own idea about American interests.”

“Moscow was tickled pink when I found out that oilman, was awarded Russia’s “Order of Friendship” can become a trump Secretary of state. But I have no specific breakthroughs in our relationship with the trump do not wait. Although you can remember Reagan, who first called the Soviet Union an “evil Empire”, and then signed a historic agreement with Moscow about reducing — for the first time in history — nuclear weapons. But he also did it based on American interests, not because of Russia…” — reminiscent of Alexander Konovalov.