Mei chose a tough scenario for the British exit from EU – The Times

Prime Minister Theresa may will today announce the government’s plan to negotiate withdrawal from the EU, which will give priority to migration control, as well as the country’s exit from the single market. About it reports The Times.

“Mei for the first time publicly should declare that Britain will not be able to retain access to the single market, as it does not provide the desire of voters to take back control of immigration”, – writes the edition.

According to the publication, may say in his speech that Britain should not be “half inside, half outside” the borders of the EU.

In addition, the Prime Minister will have to explain whether Britain should seek to remain in customs unit EU, which allows free transport of products without customs inspections.

The publication notes that the Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson was among the Ministers who call for “clean Brexit”, which eliminates any chance to remain part of the EU single market.

At the same time, a group of Cabinet members led by Finance Minister Philip Hammond last night were convinced that the opportunity to be a part of the EU market remains among the options in the negotiations.

May, as expected, recognizes that at the initial stage will have a transition agreement that will help companies to avoid serious disturbances after withdrawal from the EU.

Earlier the British government announced that London, if necessary, ready to change the current economic model after an exit from the EUif Brexit will not be able to retain access to the single market.