That is able to do a year-old child

Here it is – the long-awaited moment: the baby took his first independent steps! Still not too confident, but very determined. This achievement – the first step to independence! For a one year old has opened up new opportunities, says

Despite the fact that he had a lot of very important things and subjects to study, a year-old child still needs a mother’s warmth, affection and the even more often ask for pens from fatigue and from the fact that, while mastering new experiences, and miss my mom. To deny it is not worth it, but don’t forget to perfect the walk he needs. Try to find a middle ground.

After baby enough time to luxuriate in your arms, he’ll have the strength, desire and inspiration to run faster than anyone. And he is sure everything will turn out!

Physical development toddlers are about the same. And yet your child is unique and unique, and not to limit it with some necessary skills. The pace of development of the child important role played by heredity, temperament, and its own rhythm of life. Do not compare your child with peers! We offer you a list of the most important achievements of the child one year, but we repeat: the timing can vary within a month or two.

So, as a rule, in the year of the baby:


Crouch, straighten up, stand up he could from any position. He does it with props: grabbing the handrails of the crib, furniture or leaning on your hands. From this angle for a baby opens a whole new world! It is not necessary to keep it physical activity, just ensure safety and help the child if necessary.


The baby is probably easily and gladly goes with you. To year more and more he tries to do the first steps without support. For him, it is a fantastic feeling and every new step brings him delight! It will take another two to three months and a baby will be impossible to hold in place. Ensure that the child did not go on tiptoe, and walked to the full stop. Choose the right shoes with rigid heel and arch support.


The muscles of the crumbs already so strengthened that he could climb on the bed and to descend. He also knows how to overcome stairs – crawling or with assistance from an adult. Do not be afraid: for these skills, the kid is already well in control of your body and these exercises stimulate its development. But still be close, especially if you have at home a high ladder.


Even with the development of walk this skill many kids have remained the main method of transportation. And it’s perfect!

Crawling, an indispensable stage in the development of the baby. In addition to strengthening the musculoskeletal system, joints of fingers and wrists, it contributes to the intellectual development and training coordination.

When driving in the left part of the body corresponds to the right brain, and right – left. And as in the process of crawling hands and feet move alternately, communication between the hemispheres is strengthened, and the brain is fully developed.

In addition, tiny palms for different surfaces, which gives great development of motor and sensory, which are responsible for speech, creativity and intelligence.


The baby is able to turn pages in books and holding a spoon, carry light objects from place to place, hold, throw and kick a ball, to push buttons. This requires huge energy costs, so proper nutrition during this period for a child is extremely important. With food it needs to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals and, most importantly, so necessary for the child’s body protein.