Santa Dimopoulos fascinated by the picture of her nine-month-old daughter

Santa Dimopoulos fascinated by the picture of her nine-month-old daughter

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Star mother is no longer a child hides from fans

Inna Petrova

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In September 2019 Santa Dimopoulos gave birth to her second child. The girl was born in a clinic in Monaco, where they often give birth to other celebrities. The first time mom didn’t show the face of the newborn, but months later she shared with fans photos of the baby.

On the page in social network Instagram the ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” Santa Dimopoulos published a picture with her grown-up daughter Sophie. In the frame of the baby depicted with two tails.

In describing Santa told me that her daughter will soon be nine months and boasted the achievements of their child during this time.

“We’re just about 9 months and we recently began to crawl (though not very fond of this case); as before you do not have clove; introduced the cheese, yogurt and quail eggs; love the water and bathe; always in good and playful mood; have a clear timetable of sleep, wakefulness and feeding,” admitted Dimopoulos.

Fans of Santa in the comments noticed that Sofia is very similar to his mother, and someone of the opinion that the Pope.

“It’s amazing how she turned out)) and all say “dark” genes are stronger”, “just like him”, “You and her are so similar,” write the users.

By the way, earlier it was reported that the husband of Santa Dimopoulos had coronavirus. Igor Kucherenko was in the hospital for 12 days with severe symptoms.

Informed the pregnant singer Alyosha has declassified the sex of the baby.