Future adviser to trump repeatedly talked to the Russian Ambassador

The representative of the elected President of the USA has officially confirmed that General Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), nominated for the post of Advisor of the future head of the White house’s national security, have repeatedly exchanged TEXT messages and spoke on the phone with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak.

Before Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reported that these conversations took place on December 29, the day when President Barack Obama signed a decree on the expulsion of the U.S. 35 Russian diplomats and the introduction of additional sanctions against Moscow for trying to interfere in the election campaign.

According to the journalist, the General’s actions were a direct violation of the “Law of Logan” (Logan Act), enacted more than 200 years ago and explicitly prohibiting American citizens to negotiate with foreign governments that have any disagreements with the United States. This law was never applied in practice, but nevertheless, it is formally considered valid.

The representative of Donald trump and future press Secretary to the President of the United States Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) confirmed that these contacts were indeed, but the telephone calls and message exchange took place on 28 December, before the announcement of the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

According to Spicer, the initiator of contacts with the Russian diplomat, addressed future national security adviser of the US President.

“At Christmas, General Flynn sent the Ambassador the following message: “I want to wish you a happy Christmas and New year, I hope for continued contact and collaboration and wish you all the best” — brought the message of the press-Secretary of the future President. The Ambassador said, also wishing (General) merry Christmas”.

Says Sean Spicer, 28 Dec Ambassador Sergey Kislyak sent a text message “I would Like to call you if possible.”

At the time held the same day of the telephone conversation the sides allegedly discussed “logistics organization” a call to Russian President Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump in the day of the inauguration January 20.

“They talked about how exactly it can be done, that’s all,” said Spicer.

An anonymous spokesman for the transition team, Donald trump gave the Washington Post a slightly different version of events. According to him, General Flynn called the Russian Ambassador on December 19, expressing condolences in connection with the assassination attempt on the Russian Ambassador in Ankara.

28 Dec future national security adviser called back to Express condolences over the crash of a military transport aircraft of the Russian air force over the Black sea. Supposedly after that Sergey Kislyak himself called Michael Flynn, inviting him to a conference on peaceful settlement in Syria to Kazakhstan in late January.

The White house did not comment on this information, confirming, however, that aware of the repeated contacts between General Flynn and the Russian Ambassador.

Later Friday, in a press briefing, state Department spokesman mark Toner commented on the recent phone talks between the future US presidential Advisor on national security issues Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergey Kislyak. Toner said that the state Department does not consider them as something out of the ordinary.

“From our side we are willing to assist in establishing contact with some of these people, however, see nothing unusual in such actions,” — said Toner.