How to cure bad knees: exercise and eating habits

Bad knees do not allow a person to live actively and fully. However, the situation can change if given special treatment charge for about 15 minutes a day, according to

Before charging, you must do the workout. Stand up straight, making turns head to the side, then up and down. Stretch the hands in front of him, making a circular motion in the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. You can do a few tilts, squats, lunges forward. In short, make the blood circulate.

  • Exercise 1

Shifting weight to the right foot and accurately described circles in the hip, knee and ankle joints of the left leg. Repeat the exercise on the joints of the second leg.

  • Exercise 2

Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, arms down along the body, back straight. Exhale, slowly bend down, try to embrace the Shin with your hands. Stay in this position for one minute. Repeat the exercise all over again four times, with time increasing to 10-15 times.

  • Exercise 3

Sit on the floor, straight legs stretch in front of him, his hands raised up. Exhale down to the feet, back straight, fix the pose for two minutes. Breathe with your belly. On the inhale return to the starting position.


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The peculiarities of nutrition in the treatment of knee joints

  • Refuse salt;
  • Drink herbal teas with diuretic effect;
  • Take baths with essential oils (perfect eucalyptus oil, calendula, Hypericum perforatum);
  • Try fasting.
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