Healthcare reform: what treatment and medical services you want to provide free

Reform of medicine here starts. The Ministry of health presented a project from the list of free medical services, which will benefit every Ukrainian. Other services will be paid. The project is now guaranteed package of services — on discussion of doctors until June, after it needs to be approved by the Cabinet.

20 POINTS. The essence of the reform, the beginning of which the Ministry of health has planned for this year, is in the principle “money follow the patient”. That is, the budget will cease to be allocated to the hospital as a whole and will be tied to the number of patients of a particular doctor. Most importantly, that will change — every Ukrainian will be able to contract with any any doctor or pediatrician, regardless of their place of residence. The doctor, the number of contracts which is limited to two thousand, will get 288 per year per patient. According to calculations of the Ministry, this amount should cover the 20 items of the package of guaranteed services.

Among them — the provision of medical care to patients in urgent condition and the most common physical. In addition, the internists and family doctors are now monitoring the condition of patients suffering from socially dangerous diseases (hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV), as well as advice on healthy lifestyles. They will notify their customers and national screening programmes. Among the last in the list of MOH were tests for diabetes, cervical cancer and breast cancer, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. We also add that now the “primary” should maintain a pregnancy without complications and patients with mental disorders. Finally, in the guaranteed list of services was, again, 20 different analyses. In addition to the General analyses of blood, urine and feces, it will be possible to learn the level of cholesterol, calcium and glucose in the body. Also you will be free to do ECG and chest x-rays. Despite the fact that the documents still have to go through public hearings and analysis by independent experts, the Ministry admitted to us that finally want to adopt by June.

CAN THE DOCTORS? The Verkhovna Rada Committee on health care initiatives of the MOH criticize. So, the MP and former health Minister Oleg Musiy told us that the Committee has not yet seen the documents proving the list of services. He critically assessed and spelled out in this position, calling them declarative. However, the medical expert of the Fund “Revival” Elena Kucheruk list was satisfied: “the Range of services I would call great. There are points for coordination with other levels of health care, plus the “primary” gave a very important things that were not there before — pregnancy without complications, observation of patients with mental disorders, the appointment of narcotic drugs.” According to her, will start a shortage of generalists will be the shortage of personnel. “It will be necessary to conduct trainings and courses. Because in order to maintain pregnancy and patients with psychological disorders, nevertheless, you need specialization. And it will require doctors additional training,” said Kucheruk.

Medifarma: timing and Declaration. Along with the list of services of the first team of medicine experts of the Ministry of health also approved a global reform timeline and presented a sample model contract with the patient’s physician. The new funding model is to be generated for the special Fund of accumulation of budgetary funds, which will be called “national health service”, promise to finish by March. Electronic patient registry will be launched in may. At the same time to pave the way for similar solutions for the second (specialized) and third (tertiary) levels of medicine promise by the end of the year. To implement these levels in the MOH plan in 2018.

As for the Declaration (so the pre will be called the contract with the doctor), the doctor should indicate their passport details and place of work. This organization (remember, it can be as public hospital and private clinic, or even sole traders) must provide details of a taxpayer card and license information. He is a patient will require only the consent to collection of his medical data.