The plane of the first persons of Ukraine modernize over 28 million hryvnia

State aviation enterprise “Antonov” modernizes An-148-100B, which serves flights of the higher officials of Ukraine and foreign delegations. The reconstruction will take 28 million UAH. This is according to the public procurement system ProZorro.

The contract on modernization and technical maintenance of “Antonov” has signed the state enterprise “Ukraine”. Modernization of the aircraft for the first persons will cost 28,155 million. The contract for work concluded on April 10.

State enterprise “Ukraine” was founded in 1996 to serve the top leadership of the state. The company carries officers within Ukraine and abroad. Scheduled air transportation company does not.

Recall that for flights of the President of Petro Poroshenko this year will spend 35 million hryvnia. State aviation enterprise “Ukraine” signed a contract for air transportation of official delegations headed by the President of Ukraine.