Family ophthalmologists free treats military and settlers (video)

Free treatment for the military and settlers. Family ophthalmologists from Lugansk from-for the conflict in the East, lost his house and job. However, when he moved to Poltava – opened his own clinic and began to help the victims from the fighting.

This is a photo from the last conference of ophthalmologists of Luhansk, says Victor, Onasenko. Then there was the war and the forced immigration of the spouses of doctors in Poltava.

“I have the last operating day was in Lugansk on July 24. I’m still so quickly is not operated, but all went well. Most of all was afraid that will turn off the lights”, – says Tatiana Dyakonova, ophthalmologist.

By the beginning of hostilities in the Donbass Tatiana Dyakonova was the chief ophthalmologist of Lugansk. In Poltava had to start all over again. First six months worked as a regular doctor. Then together with her husband, found an investor and opened my own clinic.

Wife ophthalmologists immediately decided – combatants and internally displaced persons will be treated free of charge.

“And when on the second day removed the bandage and I saw that I screamed, “I see, I see,” says the woman on reception.

During the six months of clinic operation free help is here received several dozen internally displaced persons and the military. Doctors themselves this is not going to stop.

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