Promises “bezveze”, the waiting call, end bankopada: week

This week gave hope to the solution of problems that have hung for months and even years. If they really dare, tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers would be home, and millions of our compatriots will be able to go to Europe without standing queues at the embassies.

THE END OF THE DELAY? Indeed, the longest-running from problems is a visa-free regime with the EU. She seemed very relevant now because of the exchange rate and economic situation in General is so many people do not think, but the fact remains: more than 10 years, Ukraine is waiting for the opening of Europe for themselves. During this time, there have been two presidents, the Euro exchange rate grew four times, but the problem remained unsolved.

And this week, the foreign Ministry announced that the decision on bezveze be made in the spring and summer, the Ukrainians finally take advantage of them. Of course, these statements hard to believe, because the experience of naming terms of the decision on the abolition of Schengen officials is very high. But this time the information was confirmed by unofficial sources in Brussels that are wrong is much rarer than the official one. According to them, the European Parliament will vote the Ukrainian question in may-June. And that means no later than August bezviz still earn.

THE END OF INDEFINITE CONTRACTS. Another problem that could not solve for years — the dismissal of military personnel who had open-ended contracts. These contracts were signed in the spring of 2014, prior to the announcement of anti-terrorist operation in its initial months. Then Parliament passed a law regulating the signing of contracts with a specific period (year, mobilized, 3-5 years for volunteers), but the old agreement continued to operate. And just the other day, the defense Ministry announced that “eternal” contracts will end in the spring. And this is the tenth part of all personnel. Soldiers who have served three years will be allowed to rely on standard contracts, or to demobilize.

The leadership of the Armed forces I suspect that some may choose the second option. Therefore, the General staff immediately decided to err. Hidden reserves found in the form of graduates who passed the military Department, but did not serve in the army, and immediately became reserve officers.

However, to call them is actually not as officers and as ordinary soldiers — a year and a half. And just as “conscripts”, it will not be send to the combat zone. With the exception of those who after retraining voluntarily agree to sign contracts. As stated by the defense Ministry, the appeal of this category of reservists will begin in February and will fall under his reserve officers, which by this time will be less than 43 years.

THE END OF THE NEGOTIATIONS? Home soon can get 48 people held in captivity by the separatists. On Wednesday, the SBU said about the desire of the authorities to exchange them for 228 supporters of the so-called “DNR/LNR” detained by the Ukrainian security forces.

This is the most radical proposal ever made Kiev. The entire second half of last year negotiations about the exchange of prisoners was ineffective because the separatists have agreed to switch only all all, but the Ukrainian government on such exchange did not agree.

Recently, Nadiya Savchenko has published the lists for exchange. The lists, as it turned out, was outdated and partly even wrong, but their publication played a role — now a large-scale exchange proposed by the Ukrainian side. And now there is reason to believe that the exchange will take place. But there is a very negative side of her act — now relatives of people caught in the list can start to blackmail Scam.

THE END OF “PLATINUM”. Yesterday in Ukraine was another Bank less. The NBU has declared insolvent “platinum Bank”, included in the top twenty. The reason the owners are unable to fulfill the last requirements of the national Bank for recapitalization. However, platinum has long been a suspicious banks. After in 2013 it was bought by foreigners domestic businesses, “platinum” was a risky game, spending the bulk of consumer lending and increasing interest rates on deposits, experts say. However, high inflation in recent years he was able to make ends meet. But the requirements of the NBU imposed in 2016, he’s already pulling could not.

The end of “Platinum” has become another risk factor for the financial market of the country after the nationalization of “PrivatBank”. Will have to pay depositors (assuming we are talking about 200 thousand people will receive 4 billion).

Good news in this situation only one thing: if you come from the official data of the national Bank, “platinum” should be the last victim among the major players of the financial market. All the other banks of the first twenty complied with the new regulations and at risk are not. So, the turmoil in the banking sector such as those that have been in recent weeks, needs to end.

THE NEVER-ENDING BATTLE. Where now shakes is in the field of healthcare. There from the very first days of the new year is a confrontation between the leading cardiac surgeon of Ukraine Borys by Todorova and interim head of the Ministry of health Ulyana Suprun. Todorov accuses the leadership of the Ministry that it failed on the purchase of drugs under the state program of treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, according to him, the inaction of the Ministry of health have cost the country tens of thousands of unsaved lives.

The Ministry of health, of course, denies all charges. They admit that the program was defeated in 2015, even under the leadership of the Georgian footballer Alexander Kvitashvili, but in 2016 it occurs. This year also will occur, because already signed and started to act a contract with a foreign firm-the intermediary, which, according to Suprun, must rid the Ministry of corruption in public procurement.

Both sides are quite convincing in his argument, so Todurov, and Suprun were found a large number of supporters, who launched Facebook real fighting. But for ordinary citizens it is not dangerous — thing is that when you enter the doctor’s office we were not asked: “are You for or Todurov Suprun?”.