The mystery about the Russian plane

Former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (Ahmet Davutoğlu), answering questions of the Commission of the Grand national Assembly of Turkey (TGNA) investigation of the attempted coup on 15 July, explained why after the destruction of the Russian plane, he said, “I gave the Order”.

Davutoğlu, who drew attention to the fact that the instruction referred to is the rules of engagement established not only for Russia, but for all aircraft that violate our airspace, said: “the Rules of engagement is a common statement; agreed that due to the lack of sufficient time at the time of its application to the commander, pilot or soldier receiving this instruction, how committed, and the right to operate under this General instructions; in case of violation, the duration of which is limited to seconds, you do not need any special requirements.”

The destruction of the Russian plane — the theme over which I worked for.

The answer that Mr. Davutoglu was sent to the Assembly, confirmed by the obtained information. I would like to share them in chronological order.

Three retaliation against Syria

22 June 2012, Syria shot down a Turkish RF4 aircraft. Turkey changed rules of engagement and announced that the Syrian aircraft approaching its airspace more than five miles, will be fired. The regulation of 16 September 2013 was shot down a Syrian helicopter on March 23, 2014 — a Syrian warplane MiG, and on may 16, 2015 was again shot down a Syrian helicopter.

In connection with Russia, the rules have changed

From 1 October 2015 the Russian air force started operations in Syria. In the period of the bombing of facilities of the opposition in the North, Turkmen mountain, they began to fly over our villages in the South of Hatay.

Third and 4 October, the Russian aircraft repeatedly violated Turkish airspace. After warning Russian officials apologized and the reason indicated on the navigation error.

Sixth of October 2015, at a meeting held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, discussed the violations and causing anxiety in the air from Russia. It was decided to change the rule that was in place since the cold war and was not allowed “to open fire on Russian (Soviet) aircraft with a view to their destruction.” From now on, when we were talking about the Russian plane violated the airspace, the order to open fire could give the commander or political leadership.

22 October, 2015 the air force of Turkey, through the General staff sent a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office. It was stressed that changing the rules in relation to Russia can produce problematic consequences not only from the point of view of Russian-Turkish relations, but also from the point of view of NATO.

Events in Hatay on the day of

29 Oct 2015 Turkey celebrated the Republic Day. The leadership of the country was on the festivities. In the sky above Hateem there was a Russian helicopter. When the duty fighter could not rise into the air, it was decided to hit missile SAM. But when in connection with the delay in the higher command, this too became impossible, the Russian helicopter had left Turkish airspace, which has long been. This situation has caused great indignation Davutoglu.

22 Nov 2015 Davutoglu convened a security meeting at Cankaya Palace. The decision about the Russian planes were left to the discretion of the pilots and the control tower. Some Ministers from the Party of justice and development, openly opposed such changes.

24 November, the Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian aircraft violating the airspace. The strike was a rocket with heat-seeking guidance system that pilots had the opportunity to escape.

In relations with Russia broke out of a major crisis, and in March 2016 the rules of engagement against Russia was restored.

Pilot — gulenist?

Davutoglu explained that the words “I gave the order,” he took the responsibility; at the same time, he wanted to study the question of the relationship of the pilots, who shot down a Russian plane, with a terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen). Davutoglu shared the following information: “one of our next meetings our chief of the General staff said that the past and the contacts of the pilots studied, a particular connection could not be established”.

The statement by Davutoglu that the order gave it, caused a very strong reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As in the period when Putin started to believe that FETÖ wants to hurt Turkish-Russian relations in many areas, including the destruction of the aircraft and the attempt on the Ambassador of Charles, he will appreciate this revelation Davutoglu? Let’s wait and see.