Car Andreas: History, installation

Protection of vehicles, especially passenger cars, has improved significantly over the last decade or even half. Body very often designed in such a way as to leave maximum gap between the potential object of collision and the driver or the passenger. The structure of the body is chosen so that the framings were broken or bent on the outside, without penetrating into the interior. But even greater protection can be achieved if we strengthen the special design front bumper-a bumper guard (the range can be viewed here )

The emergence of the concept and term

The name eloquently describes the early history of this fixture. One of the most serious, and not funny, the problems on the roads of Australia are wild animals popping up on highways. The weight of some of them, in particular kangaroos, enough to not seriously deform the hood of the car and kill the driver and front passenger. Accidental hitting a kangaroo at high speed is no better than a meeting with a well-fortified post on the side. To cope with the potential danger from wildlife, helped install a grid of steel pipes on the hood of the car. In fact, the excellent quality continues and expands the idea of the front bumper, but unlike it is as hard a barrier, not giving the obstruction to deform a more important part of the body.

Reliable bumper is made of stainless steel (you can buy in the tuning shop ) – it needs to preserve the appearance, shape, withstand seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. Well suited steel AISI 304 or similar.

Today, the concept of services has grown into something more than a means of ensuring safety on the road. First, design of steel pipes can be continued around the perimeter of the body to protect it in rough terrain. Not every transmission is able to sustain this amount of additional steel, but instead the driver gets a guarantee for the safety of the greater part of the wings, doors and bonnet. The bumper is also easy to attach lighting elements. Secondly, the massive and apparently quite aggressive design of steel pipes became more decorative element of the kit.

It is important to distinguish decorative bumpers and connectors from full steel gratings and pipes – the first will be suitable for most passenger cars and give the car a highlight, but only the second will really protect if a strong collision. For installation of the bumper SUV or other large car should have a strong frame and drivetrain with a reserve capacity.

Self-Assembly of structures

The improvised services is not recommended for two reasons. First, they can get the owner of the car a fine or other penalties in connection with the ban on artisanal kit in the CIS countries. Secondly, from the security element heavy bumper can turn into a dangerous weapon in the city streets. Steel grating even in a slow collision could hurt a pedestrian more than the collision of man with soft bumper. Do not expose pedestrians of danger, hanging on the car homemade bling for a stylish appearance.

The factory connectors are not prohibited, but their use is justified only under conditions of off-road, on rough terrain outside the city, in the woods.