Amber war near Zhitomir: all the details

In Ukraine — a new round of the amber of war, now with shooting, explosions and casualties. And in two amber regions — Rivne and Zhytomyr. If the first was limited to the capture of the hostages, near Zhitomir, events took a tragic turn at all. In the night of Monday in the town of Olevsk two groups of people numbering about 50 people staged a showdown between them, dividing influence over the amber fields in the area. One of the participants in the clashes were killed and seven wounded.

AS IT WAS. According to a local resident and Deputy Alexander Nikolaychuk, events unfolded like this: “Night in the city centre in jeeps arrived unidentified group opened fire at people from a traumatic, and then from firearms. When the protection of the local ran, those who were nearby, the assailants threw it into the crowd of people either a grenade, or a firecracker, and the disappeared.” As a result, most likely from a stray bullet, killed one of the attackers. His identity is still installed, but, judging by the number and subject of the tattoo, he clearly belonged to the criminal world.

No passers-by were those who opened fire. According to locals, it was the “arrow” between the miners and sellers of amber. “Yesterday in the city knew that in this place and at this time something is planned. So, of course, from the local guys who are bigger and stronger. To thoroughly understand the reasons for the firing, it is necessary to live. So, I say that the local people make the extraction of amber, but there are people that require the payment of tribute. That is, the attackers may have wanted to increase its influence”, said Nikolaychuk.

Another local resident told us that “arrow” has been brewing since the summer. “This shooting was a sad end to their long conflict with local residents and the people who supposedly are intermediaries in the trade in amber, says levchenka and the clerk Tatiana Z. — we in the city say they do not share the amber mines. Our miners in the summer has put the ultimatum: or the prohibition of work on these deposits, or the payment of tribute. Our not agreed. When the negotiators left, then caught up with them, broke their car. That anywhere especially not advertised. In the city there were cases when they came to the miners home, puts a gun to his head and demanded payment of tribute”.

But the confrontation in the shooting has not ended. Yesterday at noon, 300-400 local residents gathered at the scene, demanding an objective investigation and an end to the illegal production of amber. But there are those who ask to move disassembly from the center to the edge! “The production of amber — the earnings of the majority of local residents. I want to, as cynical as it may sound to the showdown did not take place in the city where you may suffer accidental passer-by, and beyond. Ideally, of course, would be better if they did not have” — told us one of the residents of Olevsk.

Law enforcement officers are very cautious comment on the topic of amber. In the press center of the Prosecutor’s office and police in the area “Today” the situation is commented sparingly: opened criminal proceedings under article “Murder” and “Hooliganism”. Confirmed that there are seven wounded and one dead, and in the region introduced a plan “Interception” for escaped gunmen (the exact number is unknown).

HOSTAGES. Hectic weekend it was in the Rivne region: here the resonance was robbery, the cause of which, according to initial police, amber steel disassembly. As told to us in the Rivne police, the three visitors staged a conflict with a local resident and threatening him with a subject similar on a grenade. The last thought that the best way to defend a hunting rifle and opened fire. Two of the attackers were wounded, despite this he tried to escape, but their attempts were not crowned with success. The third raider was also arrested by villagers and handed over to the police.

The speaker of the Rivne police Olga Oliynyk told us that one of the first versions of the police was amber proceedings between citizens. “But during the investigation it turned out that the incident occurred because of aversions. That is, the version associated with the extraction of amber, not confirmed,” — said Oliynyk.

Not legalized. Repeated attempts to legitimize the extraction of amber in Ukraine has not yet been crowned with success — the law “On production and sale of amber” was only adopted in first reading in April 2015. In the same year withdrew all agreed permits for extraction of stone and imposed a moratorium on the issuance of new, which is still in effect. The police report that fighting against illegal mining, but the equipment and personnel is not enough to stop it completely. Recall that the price of amber a $2.5—20 per gram.