Who owns the Ilya Muromets? Historian gave a decisive answer

The question of which country owns the Bogatyr Ilya Muromets, does not make sense, because it is part of the epic that cannot be separated.

Comments about this “Observer” said historian, Professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University Yaroslav Hrytsak.

“When people ask me who I’d choose Hitler or Stalin, so I say that I would choose Marilyn Monroe. And when I ask whose Ilya Muromets, I answer that it is simply Ilya Muromets. It is part of the epos with deep historical roots, and cut it impossible. This question does not make sense that shows how our current political situation poisoned history”, — explained the historian.

“There’s a very simple rule that is very often overlooked. The past is a different country, everything was different. And we with their ideas of the 21st century want to get in the past. It is only a subject for jokes, nothing more,” said Hrytsak.

Note that the news that Ukrainian officials have changed the birthplace of Ilya Muromets in Wikipedia came tops in readability on the website of one of the leading propaganda newspaper in Russia.

As reported by the “observer”, the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko called the writer Fyodor Dostoevsky representative of the Ukrainian culture.