Savchenko: the limit of what is permitted

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko published the first part of the lists of Ukrainians who are held captive by the militants. According to her, this is only a preliminary list and will be updated. Advisor to the Chairman of the SBU Yuriy tandit, who since December 2014 he is Chairman of the coordination center of release of hostages, the Ukrainian defense Ministry and chief negotiator of the Centre for the promotion and release of prisoners and hostages at SBU, I immediately made an official statement that “publishing in open access such lists may harm the exchange of prisoners.” In particular, the “relatives of the prisoners may fall under psychological pressure and even blackmail for ransom”.

On the other hand, not all members of the public disapprove of the step Savchenko, explaining that these lists first, and so appear at the talks in Minsk; second, some of them have already been published previously; thirdly, as a rule, about the capture of their relatives over the last two years of the war the family had long been know. We recall some of the prisoners are in the prisons of the occupier even in 2014. Experts on the issues of exchange of prisoners on the experience of the “Afghan war” claim that the disclosure of such lists is invalid.

Savchenko offers the following algorithm of an exchange “all on all”. “It is not necessary to invent anything new, — the Deputy writes on his page in Facebook. — The classic method of exchange in three stages proved itself in many countries during wars. The first step: exchange on the list, which confirms each party. The second stage: of those who remained in the lists are subject to search for hidden prisons and cellars on either hand all the prisoners that remained alive. Step three: all of whom could not be found, recognized dead or missing. After that, work begins on the wanted list of graves, the exhumation, identification and reburial of the victims. And this difficult moment, the authorities will have to explain to the families of those she sent to death”.

The lists to the exchange of 42 Ukrainian prisoners of war who are Russian Federation on the occupied territory of Donbass, 256 Russian gangsters. Also we are talking about 44 Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russian prisons and Russian-occupied Crimea. They proposed to exchange for 102 of Russian citizens in Ukrainian prisons.

It remains an open question of tactics and ethics in the exchange of prisoners. From the outset, this process involved public organizations, volunteers and activists. In 2014, we can say that this process differed randomness. For example, exchange of Savchenko in the summer of 2014 was engaged several groups of people, not all of which had the official status of the negotiators.

“I had to participate in the liberation of Ukrainians from prison of the Crimea, — says the “Day” Chairman of the public organization “Force of law”, the Deputy V, VI, VII convocations Andriy Senchenko. Then we traded one of the Russian commandos on 40 of our citizens. But back in 2014 on the subject of exchange of prisoners has been actively promoted by the President. I think that this behavior served as an example for Savchenko. What it does, in the ratio of the noise and the efficiency is more for the noise. About efficiency here at all. The publication of lists of prisoners, I can’t speak about what it can hurt, but I can confidently say that it won’t help but will cause more attention to Savchenko. But it can really hurt the cause, because changes in the climate negotiations.”

Invader basically it delays civilians, who did not hide their Pro-Ukrainian position in the occupied territories. Such detention is dangerous not only for prisoners but also for potential new victims and their relatives. For example, in December last year in Lugansk has been captured Gennady Banicki, which detention for a long time there was no information, but his account in Facebook has been intermittently active. The occupier, of course, studied the contacts Gennady and his correspondence. The uncertainty of the fate of Benackova provoked and friends “Shine”, and some even published his mobile to caring called the prisoner. The absence of written recommendations on the rules of conduct in such cases and unclear situations often cause only deterioration of the situation.

But for ordinary people, especially from the occupied territories, are surprised and indignant that the Ukrainian intelligence agencies put on the wanted list (and sometimes do not do this, as in the case of the former head of the Luhansk regional state administration Vladimir Pristyuk) the leaders of the separatists and provocateurs after they fled beyond the access of the Ukrainian justice. The newspaper “Day” back in September of last year I sent requests to the Prosecutor General and SBU with the requirement to explain at what stage of the investigation are cases such personalities as ex-Chairman of the Lugansk regional Council Valery Golenko (he, along with Pristyuk even participated in the parliamentary elections to the Verkhovna Rada in the fall of 2014 and had the opportunity to obtain parliamentary immunity), Arsen Klinchayev, Rodion Miroshnik and others. In addition, authorities were asked about the reasons of stay of the detainee before the Ukraine Arsen Klinchayev in Moscow, where he was seen on a TV show. It turned out that SBU announced the suspicion referred to the separatists after their flight, and the presence of Arsen Klinchayev in Moscow generally did not comment on. Recall that in December last year, Klinchaev was photographed in the occupied Lugansk. The question arises: are these criminals allowed to run for a certain “gratitude”, their in absentia exchanged for Ukrainian prisoners of war or citizens we are talking about professional non-compliance of certain law enforcement and intelligence agencies?

Of course, the behavior of Savchenko, who has made another move, voluntarily taking on the role of intelligence agencies, further adds to the chaos of history with the exchange of prisoners. At the time, she has already made a number of statements and steps for direct contact with Russian puppets, thus recognizing them as independent party to the negotiations. Moreover, she scored a trip to Moscow. Publication of the lists of prisoners is chained in the formation of the image seems to be an independent politician who makes his own “work out” questions. Russia, in turn, accompanies Savchenko in this, they say, only she can move the process of prisoner exchange that suggests the idea — all this is one scenario. The Kremlin!