Russia and the historical amnesia of Europe

On may 9 Russia celebrates Victory Day, the European Union celebrates Europe Day. Both Russia and Europe (in fact, the European Union) noted the same thing, although both suffer a loss of historical memory. In this day in Spain is almost always shining sun, Nazi Germany signed the act of unconditional surrender of all its armed forces to the Supreme command of the red Army in the person of Marshal Zhukov, that meant the end of the Second world war. This was one of the most important dates in the history of mankind.

How is it that now, despite a common past, Russia and Europe stubbornly separate from each other. This is unforgivable stupidity, if you remember the story. The former Soviet Union put on the altar of victory in the war more than 26 million lives, no one country can not even compare with him in number of losses, more than half of the victims during the fight. Russia defended their freedom and made a decisive contribution to the liberation of Europe. But do not think that she got a kickback.

“Russia is to blame!”, — said in 1941, son-in-law Franco Serrano Sunyer (Serrano Suñer) and added one more absurdity: “the Destruction of Russia is a requirement of history and the future of Europe”. Something like that we read daily in the Newspapers. Russia can now be blamed for all the election results that we don’t like in climate change, as well as the insufficient pollination of flowers by bees. In fact, any politician who wants to Express themselves, maybe derogatory statements about Russia and considered politically correct. Moreover, the media are struggling to portray Russia in a distorted way, speaking of it as a country that constantly violates human rights. Everything is in motion. The real state of Affairs interested in the least. And who is it to that in Russia you can watch all those same delicate human feelings that are described in the works of Tolstoy, or the mystery of the human soul, about which Dostoevsky wrote.

This hostility lasted for a century, and it is outdated. The time has come for European leaders realized that Russia should not be treated with disdain, she had enough reasons to dramatically respond to such attacks. Modern European history without Russia simply does not exist.

But the EU stubbornly continues to consign all to oblivion. Its expansion was carried out through admission of new members, who either were part of the Soviet Union, or were in the sphere of his influence. Eight countries of Central and Eastern Europe joined in 2004, Bulgaria and Romania did so in 2007.

Europe, no matter that Russia, stung by the loss of his influence, but it also enhances her irritation, extending to the East. But Russia is also a European country and the EU ought to remember that know Bismarck on his experience: the secret of good policy is good relations with Russia.

Believe me, no matter how persistent the current policy, Russia and Europe are natural allies, no matter how complicated their relationship. We, European citizens will get much more benefit from friendly relations with Russia, not only from a commercial point of view, but in all senses. If you don’t believe me, read history books.