Lombard first choice

The money is needed “here and now”, savings or opportunities to borrow no? Or simply do not want to risk good relations with relatives and friends because of the bad “money issue”? Unfortunately, in today’s reality from such situations no one is immune.

The alternative solution to temporary financial difficulties may be the loan. There are many offers but which one to choose? So quickly, and without the need to collect many documents, and preferably with low rates.

“And if it is without interest?” – suggest we. “Is that possible?” – reasonably doubted you. “Of course! If the rate for a “Test Drive” a network of pawnshops, “Good.” How many have taken many back”.

“Test Drive” – special offer for new customers for the first loan on the security of gold with a rate of just 0.001% per day. “We understand how the psychological discomfort the person can face when required to first apply to the pawnshop. Therefore have taken care to minimize all possible barriers. Because the client don’t have to think about how much you need to pay for the use of borrowed funds and where to get the money – said the Director of marketing for the “Benefit” Vitaly Soloviev. – In fact, it is like to borrow from a friend only without the risk of losing the last.”

Agree, to receive the necessary amount of cash for current needs, leaving a Deposit of earrings that have a couple of years gathering dust in a box without case – attractive solution! Loan secured is a kind of plan B for the unexpected life situations: if you suddenly broke down washing machine or broken refrigerator; if nearing the day of birth, and salary delay; if you want a new more powerful laptop but don’t know what to do with the old one.

“If to draw an analogy with the automobile industry, the tariff offer “Test Drive” is an opportunity for all new clients personally to try and enjoy all benefits of secured lending. Make sure it’s fast, easy and reliable. And 2 June 2017 (term of the action “Test Drive”) – and even for free!” – adds Vitaly Soloviev.

Besides, “Lombard Blago” as a leading national network of mortgage lending offers customers additional benefits in the form of a wide range of services and accept pledges, service standards, loyalty programs, possibilities of remote servicing of loans, etc.

The support of friends and loved ones always adds confidence in the future and helps to cope with arising difficulties. I hope that after the first experience “the Good Pawnshop” will be for you exactly such a reliable friend. Who is always there and ready to help.