Russia has banned films with the participation of Meryl Streep

Moscow — In the framework of a large-scale campaign of official censorship, the Russian government banned in the country all the films with the participation of Meryl Streep, and this decision immediately came into effect.

Film lovers in Moscow “Cinema 16 Movieplex” were surprised on Monday evening when government agents stormed the hardware room and confiscated a copy of the movie 2016 “Florence foster Jenkins” (Florence Foster Jenkins) with the participation of the Strip, which at the time was shown.

However, the full force of this prohibition could be felt again on Tuesday when the Ministry of the interior ordered the police to bypass all houses and apartments and to confiscate Russian citizens DVD films with the participation of the Strip.

“I was terrified — said Vasily Dmitrovich (Vasily Dmitrovic), a resident of St. Petersburg. They broke down the door. My wife was screaming. They left only after I gave them a copy of the movie “Mamma MIA”.

Speaking on state television, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not explain in detail the reason for the ban, limiting the statement that the Strip “overrated”.

Andy Borowitz is the author of the best — selling version of the New York Times. He is also a comedian and regular contributor to the New Yorker since 1998.