The Ukrainians increasingly there are imported bananas and citrus

Ukraine in 2016 increased imports of bananas by 31.6% compared to 2015 year – up to 191,981 thousand tons. According to customs statistics, in monetary terms, the imports of these products grew by 7.7% to 133,148 million dollars.

Mainly the importation of bananas were from Ecuador (81,50% of deliveries in money terms), Costa Rica (10,46%) and Colombia (4,74%).

In addition, in 2016, Ukraine imported 291,607 thousand tons of citrus 25.6% in comparison with 2015. In monetary terms, imports decreased by 1.7% up to 196,667 million dollars.

The importation of citrus fruit was carried out mainly from Turkey (60,20%), Egypt (7,63%), Spain (6,36%). Re-exports were insignificant – 57 tons.

Ukraine last year also imported 28,853 thousand tons of apples, pears and quince, which is 50.8 per cent less than in 2015. In monetary terms, imports decreased by 49.4% to 12,097 million dollars. At the same time, exports were supplied 14,447 thousand tons of similar products, which is 2.7 times more than in 2015. In monetary terms, the exports increased by 2.8 times – up to 3,145 million dollars. In the end, the negative balance amounted to 8,952 million dollars.

Apple import was mainly from Poland (86,67%), the Netherlands (6,46%), exports to Belarus (54,72%), Georgia (9,38%), Libya (8,04%).

Ukraine in 2016 also imported apricots, cherries, peaches and plums in the amount 29,580 thousand tons, which is 53,8% more than in 2015. In monetary terms, the imports increased by 3.9% to 19,759 million dollars. The exports of similar products in this period amounted to 1,879 thousand tons (growth by 2.1 times) in the amount of 0,871 million dollars (an increase of 59.2 per cent).

Import was mainly from Greece (43,07%), Spain (30,45%), Turkey (12,43%), exports to Belarus (89,43%) and Moldova (8,28%).

Recall now Ukraine marks first anniversary of economic Association with the EUas a free trade area fully earned in January 2016.