People should feel the change: Groysman announced that the main task of the Cabinet in 2017

Vladimir Groisman during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers announced the main task of the government in 2017, reports “Correspondent”.

“I would like to stress that people should feel the changes. I want to reiterate and assure all citizens that the government and I personally as Prime Minister, in 2017 will do everything we can to make you feel positive changes in my life,” said the Prime Minister.

He noted that the Cabinet “is a task number one”.

“Neither statistics nor any other digits as soon as the understanding of how people live, what they have a problem and how to help people to solve these problems and to make policy of the government so that these problems do not arise,” – said Groisman.

The head of government noted that a key challenge is to increase the level of wages.

Earlier, Groisman said that the salaries of Ukrainians will monitor the ad hoc group.