Russians love to come to Hunchun to celebrate the New Year

For the Chinese city of Hunchun County, located on the border of China, Russia and North Korea in Jilin province, the first day of 2017 was the peak of arrival of foreign tourists. On this day, the port of Hunchun has taken about ten thousand people.

It is clear that the busiest period for arrival of Russian tourists every year, is the time, before the New year. To cope with increased passenger traffic, experienced the port of Hunchun planned in advance the work of the border control posts, strengthened the communication with travel agencies and have done everything possible to avoid congestion at the entrance to the country and to ensure quick passage through customs.

On the border of the reporter was attracted to one boy. His name is Arseniy, and he came to Hunchun from Primorsky Krai, city of Nakhodka. Arseny said that for the second time came to Hunchun, and this time my mom will be here to celebrate the New year. They decided to buy here Christmas gifts and be sure to go skiing.

A tourist from Vladivostok Elena said that it is the second time celebrating the New year in Hunchun and the city since the first visit left a very good impression. “I will celebrate New year with family and friends. On holidays we will go out and make purchases. We love it here,” shared Elena.

55-year-old Andrey from Vladivostok for several years comes in Hunchun to celebrate the New year. He believes this international city (half the population is Korean — approx. edition), and dynamic, but for shopping prefer to travel to other cities in China, such as Dalian and Jixi.

The head tour group Luba has a special love for Chungchun. She is already 11 years old carries tourists from Vladivostok and calls this city are very hospitable. Besides, the Hunchun very developed medicine, and many people from Russia come to this city not only for holidays but also for treatment.

Hunchun borders with Primorsky Krai, and to go there for the holidays has become very fashionable. It is possible to explain low in comparison with the Russian prices, plenty of delicious food and the opportunity to get very good health care that is also very attractive to tourists from Russia.

The port city of Hunchun established a relationship of friendship and cooperation with the Khasan district of Primorsky Krai, the cities of Artyom, Ussuriysk and Sakhalin oblast. Deepen ties between governments, businesses and peoples, as well as a steady growth of tourist flow.