Do not take baby mobile – Ukrainian psychologist

Evgeny Miroshnichenko told how to spend holidays usefully, and advised parents to reconsider the attitude to smartphones.

“It is a widespread misconception parents have to take children away from gadgets. It seems to us that if you don’t remove it now – there will be something terrible and irreparable. I’m very close approach in Finnish schools: they do not prohibit the gadgets, but consistently teach children to use them correctly to benefit,” – said in an interview with the head of the Association of practical psychologists Evgeny Miroshnichenko.

According to him, it gives unexpected results: so, today, sparsely populated Finland is in the top three European countries in the development of computer games.

This smartphone, if it is abused, can be a signal of problems – warns psychologist.

“Note, why the child “falls” into the phone or computer. It’s a neurotic desire, because he was uncomfortable in this world… How to avoid risks and dangers? To help the child to find a deal, where he will be. For example, we have in the camp “Workshop of success” children make movies. We’re not picking up their gadgets, but here’s the paradox – they “don’t whychat”. Guys we have a fun environment where a lot of communication, new knowledge and collaboration. Children are not really lazy, they just want to get specific results. The virtual world brings “instant results”, so they can be easily switched, where they are comfortable. Provide the child comfort and the child will return,” – said the psychologist.

24 June as part of the largest in Ukraine, a youth festival Youthday ’17, devoted to Day of youth, Evgeny Miroshnichenko gave a master class for parents. An interactive lecture was held with the support of the charity project for the publication and distribution of Ukrainian-language scientific and popular literature for teenagers Lacks, the expert Council which included a psychologist. The project is based children’s charity Foundation “I future of Ukraine” and IT’s the Lucky Labs.