The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has called the date of the hearing on the claim to Russia on the violation of the UN Convention

The organizational hearing in arbitration on the claim of Ukraine on the violation by Russia of the UN Convention on the law of the sea scheduled for may 12, said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Elena zerkal comments in the Mirror of the week.

“Hearing on procedural issues was scheduled for may 12. During this hearing will be addressed organizational issues,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Zerkal also admitted that for the sake of delaying the Russian party may insist that the court must first decide on its jurisdiction, and after – to consider the case in fact.

“Our opinion is that it is impossible to consider the question of the court’s jurisdiction without considering the question in fact”, she added.

We will remind, in the Hague, the first stage of work on the claim of Ukraine against Russia. The international court of justice should render a decision regarding the application to Russia of provisional measures, under which it must refrain from taking any action in respect of Ukraine pending a final verdict.

6 March 2017, the international court of justice began hearings on the application of interim measures under the claim of Ukraine against Russia. Ukraine has put forward a neighbouring country and allegations of violations of the International Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism and the International Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.

At the moment, the first stage of work on the claim within the four-day Ukraine and Russia had the opportunity to appear before the court. Ukraine presented their arguments, and Russia got the opportunity to answer them. The application for interim measures – this requirement of Russia to refrain from any action in respect of Ukraine pending a final court decision. The main issues the discussion so far does not apply.

According to experts in international law, the proceedings in fact will be long and difficult.