Trump opened fire on the Chinese and is going to take someone’s job. China is preparing a retaliatory strike

According to the report Xinhua, January 6 after the counting of votes, the US Congress officially confirmed that the presidential elections in November 2016, Donald trump won with 304 votes to 227 votes of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States. The final phase of elections — the presidential inauguration is held January 20 in Washington.

Trump has repeatedly made arrogant statements about what he “will make America great again”, and an important tool in this regard is the revival of the production. Whether Americans will be able thus to deprive the Chinese of their work?

January 6 at the regular press conference of the state Council, the Ministry of Commerce of China said that at present China is preparing a series of measures to increase the inflow of foreign investment and the easing of restrictions for foreign capital.

Meanwhile, the three trump “fired” in the direction car manufacturers. In anticipation of the day of the inauguration of trump is not sitting idle. For the last week in his microblog on Twitter he had addressed three communications to the automobile manufacturers.

In the last message of January 6, he refers to a Japanese Toyota and says that if Toyota built a new plant outside the United States, she will have to face high duties.

“Toyota Motor has announced that it will build a plant in Baja (Mexico) in order to assemble cars Corolla for the United States. Nothing will come of it! Build a factory in the US or pay large fees at the border,” warned trump.

In response, Toyota told Reuters that the construction of new plants in Mexico will not lead to the loss of jobs in America. A company spokesman said that Toyota is “looking forward to working with the government of trump and intends to operate in accordance with the interests of customers and the automotive industry”.

Informed criticism of trump struck the Ford. Then Ford Motor declared that refuses plans of investing 1.6 billion dollars in the construction of a new plant in Mexico and instead will invest $ 700 million in the construction of factories in Michigan, USA.

Trump harshly criticized General Motors because the company produces cars Chevy Cruze in Mexico, and then imports them free of duty in the United States. General Motors said that most of the Chevy Cruze sold in America, and there produced. Assembled in Mexico and sold in the U.S. cars account for only 2.4% of the total sales.

Whether Americans will be able to take the Chinese job?

Judging by the reaction of the above three automobile manufacturers, they all seem to be in the power of trump and will be able to justify his hopes to return manufacturing to America and to win jobs for Americans.

But look at what this says about the official publication of the Communist party of China Renmin Ribao: “Capital seeks places with low costs and high profits. It is an elementary law, which has led to the fact that for many years America could not solve the problem of restoring the traditional control of manufacturing industry. But whoever’s running the White house, he will not be able to change that”.

Indeed, even if will burst the financial bubble of 2008, most of the money America will still be drawn from Finance, not from industry.

As for the trump, in fact, his wealth is founded on the system of “money makes money” and his construction projects mainly rely on imports of cheaper Chinese manufactured materials with which he is so actively fighting. According to the latest report from Bloomberg, published in Business week magazine, in at least two of the three major construction projects that trump was engaged before to announce his candidacy for President, large volumes of imported steel and aluminium from China. For construction in Chicago, China had purchased a large number of energy-saving glass walls. Only through this project, trump American companies lost at market prices USA orders worth more than $ 350 million.

Any American, if asked, will answer that he wants to buy American goods, made in America, but in practice this does not occur, because coming to the store, people looking at the thing itself, looking at the ratio of price and quality and very rarely pays attention to the label where is written the place of origin of the product.

Now it is hardly possible that Americans will be able to take the place of blue-collar workers from China, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries. The modern young Americans have no desire and necessary skills to perform such work. From what point of view, nor to see the Asian manufacturing occupies a leading position in the world. This is connected with the comprehensive development of production in China, and with the cultural traditions of some Asian countries and peoples. This situation provides great opportunities for the further development of the Chinese economy. Therefore, in the future, China needs with the help of finances, taxes and other funds to keep some leading enterprises.