Russia must withdraw from everywhere

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia opens not every Embassy of their country. So, do not think that the arrival of Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at Sukhumi is such a chore, just a desire to make nice “friendly”, but in fact a puppet of the Abkhazian leadership. No, the arrival in Sukhumi in these days is another desire to pull the tiger’s whiskers, to remind the United States that despite all the calls for compliance with international law, the Kremlin will protect their right to controlled territory, and support “allies”. And in Damascus. And in Donetsk. And in Simferopol. And in Sukhum.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia was, in fact, the first territories virtually annexed by Russia — but unlike Crimea the annexation was not in the form of joining Russia, and in view of their recognition of Georgian autonomies. In Moscow like to claim that the recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is “otvetka” for Kosovo, but nothing is more cynical you can’t imagine. Kosovo came under international control, and then gained independence after the majority of the population of this region were expelled from their homes by the regime of Slobodan Milosevic and were able to return only after the NATO operation. In fact, we have witnessed the real ethnocide, and the independence of Kosovo — the answer to this ethnocide. The minority residents of the province — Kosovo Serbs have received in the new state of autonomy that it is difficult to compare the rights of Albanians in Serbia of Milosevic. Again, under pressure from the international community.

In Abkhazia there was something quite the opposite. The vast majority of the population of this Republic, the Georgians were expelled from their homes and only then with the support of Russia began construction of breakaway Abkhazia. But even in this Abkhazia to the Georgian Mingrelian minority was deprived of electoral rights — which, incidentally, helped come to power, the current President of Abkhazia, Raul Khajimba security officer. Abkhazia is Kosovo on the contrary, just as Russia is the United States on the contrary, in terms of influence in world politics.

Here, let’s just imagine that most of the population of Crimea — Russian population would be expelled from the territory of the Peninsula, Crimea became the Crimean Tatar government and the Russian Crimea would be denied the right to participate in elections of the Republic’s leadership. What, I wonder, for this reason would speak in Moscow? But in Abkhazia is precisely such a process. Or, maybe, the Abkhazians “more radical” the people of Abkhazia, than the Crimean Tatars of the Crimea? Or, maybe, the Russian people have their own house have more rights than the Georgians?

Is to rely that the caller visit of Lavrov will sober the Georgian leadership and make him a voice to speak at the international level about the annexation of Georgian lands. Because from the point of view of future stability in the former Soviet Union it is very important that the country on whose territory encroached Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova — were talking about their problems together, to Russia in the eyes of the world looked government systematically and consciously violate international law. We cannot allow the issue of the Donbas and the Crimea was resolved, and the future of Abkhazia or Transnistria and hung in the air of despair.

Russia must withdraw from everywhere.