The Americans finally decided

Hybrid war in Ukraine, you have experienced fully, and terror, and the invasion of regular military units — that this war not only against Ukraine, but against the West in General, Putin’s Russia unleashed a 20 Feb 2014. This date is stamped on the medals that were given for the “conquest” of Crimea. And Russian propagandists — I didn’t invent this expression — they were happy to call it world war IV, which should be a revenge for the defeat of the Soviet Union in the Third world, the cold.

And the Fourth world is such a hybrid war, and its goal is the establishment of full control over the entire post-Soviet space, and — if possible- and Central Europe. Intimidation of NATO’s nuclear blackmail was a demonstration that she is not able to protect its members, the Baltic countries. The final outcome of this war would be signing with US some great Yalta agreement, which recognized the power of Putin’s Russia over nearly half of the world. Approximately the same area in which ruled the Soviet Union.

I think the West has not understood the true nature of this call. Some political assistance to Ukraine, the West has had, but first of all, as you know, he has not fulfilled its legal obligations under the Budapest Memorandum.

And lately there have been some new developments that indicate a very different stage in the relations of the West with the Russian kleptocracy. Of course, it is the law of sanctions. And the second is July 19-22 in aspen hosted the annual American security conference, which was attended by all heads of power structures and trompowsky the Obama administration. There is a very clearly sounded, the two new message. First, that Moscow is waging a hybrid war against the West and, above all, against the United States. And the second is the military-political establishment is determined in this war to put Putin’s Russia in the defeat.

And here is the first act of this policy was the law adopted by an unprecedented majority in both houses of the us Congress on sanctions against Russia. I must say that this act trump simply derived from the game, loses the initiative in foreign policy in the Russian direction. And just in time. Because when signing the law trump and Tillerson made statements, they say, trump-signs, but believes the law unconstitutional. Essentially he promised to do everything in his power, using his position to sabotage this law.

But he only escalated the situation. Formal and informal sources it is known that trump, and Tillerson — not only as agents of Russia — not only on the verge of failure. They are already over the brink of failure. But why are they so desperately afraid of offending Putin, which is very evident in yesterday’s statements about the new law? What is it that Putin has them?

But this is a matter of personal fate of trump and Tillerson. But in General, a completely new relationship of the American establishment towards Russia and its aggression in Ukraine was determined.