US intelligence, Putin was trying to help Trump win

Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to help Donald Trump win the presidential election, the report said American intelligence, published after a meeting of the elected President with security chiefs.

The report, which was filmed marked “confidential” and which was published shortly after meeting Donald trump with the leadership of U.S. intelligence, contains allegations that the Russian leader gave the command to launch a campaign whose aim was to influence the outcome of U.S. presidential elections.

The purpose of this campaign was the undermining of public confidence in the presidential election, to discredit the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, written by the authors of the report.

The US President-elect Donald trump after meeting with the leaders of the intelligence said that a hacker attack had no effect on the election results. In his statement, he refused to comment on allegations about the involvement of Russian authorities to the attacks, and expressed gratitude for the staff of the intelligence work.

“While Russia, China, other countries, foreign groups and individuals are constantly trying to compromise the security infrastructure of our government institutions, business and community organizations, including the national Committee of the Democratic party, it had absolutely no effect on the election results,” — said in a statement trump.

In the same statement, he promised to actively resist the attacks and during the first 90 days as President to appoint a special group, responsible for developing a plan to counter hacking attacks.

Us secret service representatives met with the elected President of the United States Donald trump, as planned, on Friday.

At this meeting they tried to convince skeptical future in the White house that due to hacker attacks ahead of presidential elections was precisely in Russia.

Meanwhile, the American media, citing sources in the security services reported that U.S. intelligence agencies have identified Russian agents who allegedly sent the stolen emails of the Democratic party to WikiLeaks, to try to influence a vote in favor of trump.

However, the names of these agents is not yet known, but WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claims to have received these documents are not the representatives of the Russian authorities.

Intercepted messages

CNN, Washington Post and NBC News, citing intelligence sources also say that intelligence agencies have intercepted communications indicating that senior Russian officials celebrated the victory trump over Hillary Clinton.

According to intelligence, this is one additional evidence that Moscow was interested in winning trump. It is emphasized, however, that in the intercepted messages, there is nothing that would produce a direct involvement of this or that official to the organization of burglary.

NBC News also reported that the purpose of the alleged Russian hacker attacks was not only the leadership of the Democratic party, but also the White house, the administration, state Department and major us corporations.

Russia categorically denies any involvement in the cyber attacks.

What are the grounds for accusations of hacking?

Vice-President Joe Biden criticized trump for the attacks on the intelligence services, stating that “absolutely no sense” not to believe the intelligence. Biden said that he had read the report of US intelligence, which referred to Russia’s role in the cyber attacks.

Ahead of the meeting with trump was reported that intelligence officials will prepare persuasive documents for a conversation with the President-elect. Just a few hours before the briefing, the trump called the events a “political witch hunt” organized by his opponents from the Democratic party.

Trump said in an interview with the New York Times that American authorities had previously been subjected to hacker attacks, but this kind of attention from the media, these incidents never happened.

The future press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer said in the morning program of TV channel ABC on Friday morning that the President-elect will meet with the heads of the intelligence services “is ready to listen and understand how they came to such conclusions.”