Dovgy MPs urged to remove his immunity

MP Oles Dovgy has urged the Parliament to vote for the lifting of his parliamentary immunity. He said this during a speech from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada.

Long explained that the claim of the General Prosecutor in his case relate only to violations of the rules of the city Council, but the regulation does not have the status of law.

“Since the regulation is not the law, violation of the rules cannot be a violation of the law. In other words, the rules violated, the act had not been out” – he explained.

Dovgy said that the Verkhovna Rada is also quite often a violation of the rules.

“We are witnessing, as it occurs in the session hall. We refer to this as workflow. We realize that the agenda is evolving at conciliation Council, which was attended by leaders of factions and political forces,” – said Dovgy.

He recalled that the appointment of Yuriy Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General also took place with violations of legislation.

“We, in flagrant violation of the rules, the votes have extended numerous changes to the current legislation of Ukraine, which handed Mr. Lutsenko to the post of attorney General. And when we did, we believed that Lutsenko in office of the attorney General is a man who has experienced first hand the lawlessness of power structures. We believed that he would become a man who never uses this power to determine the personal relations and grievances of the past. We were hoping that it will work for the future. When I say “future”, I do not mean populism scores for in the upcoming elections. I mean an honest day’s work for the sake of future generations,” – said Dovgy.

According to the MP, he understands that in the event of the removal of immunity it is waiting for the “difficult period”. However, he urged his colleagues to support the submission of the Prosecutor General.

“But courage is given to man precisely in order to in the difficult period to find the strength to make a responsible decision. And I repeat the words of the will, written by my grandfather – “not broken, as the maple in bad weather, and not frighten when the thunder goes, let the courage of the Cossack family inspires you and leads”. And having the courage and responsibility to you and the Ukrainian people, as a consistent politician, I ask you to support this legally worthless idea in order to give me the opportunity to fulfill his campaign promise, and in order to be able to prove his innocence, as every citizen of Ukraine, in court,” – said Dovgy.

Summing up, the MP said that it is important for him to refute the accusations put forward by the Prosecutor General’s office.

“It will give me the opportunity to turn the page of past charges, put once and for all point in the dishonor that comes from the mouth of my opponents and continue the work that I’m going to dedicate Ukraine. And it is faith in its Ukrainian future is telling me to do now exactly. Because everything in my life matters to me, namely family, my friends, my constituents, my own business – it’s Ukrainian,” – said Dovgy.