IT-millionaires got bunkers and gun in case of Apocalypse

IT-millionaires from Silicon valley are buying up underground bunkers, weapons, ammunition and motorcycles at the end of the world. About this newspaper The Independent.

Co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman (Reid Hoffman) is sure that at least half of the billionaires in California is actively preparing for the Apocalypse.

“I have a few motorcycles, a lot of weapons and ammunition. Food. I think this will be enough to sit in the house for some time,” said Hoffman.

The former Manager of the Facebook product Antonio garcía martínez (Antonio García Martínez) acquired a piece of land on the island in the Pacific ocean. There he built a house and equipped it with a few generators and solar panels, and procured the weapon.

Former CEO of the website Reddit said that spending on construction of bunkers or other shelters are justified, given the money that have top managers from the valley.

The newspaper notes that probably the most famous IT professionals are most afraid of artificial intelligence. In the future, “smart” devices can replace most of the jobs and to organize a rebellion against humanity.