North Germany was covered by the biggest flood in 10 years

Torrential rains and hurricane “Axel” provoked on the Baltic sea coast in Germany, the largest flood since 2006.

In the result the streets were flooded, some cars ended up in the water. Severely damaged many of the eateries and stalls of street vendors, victims and casualties yet.

On the coast of the German island of Langeoog was carried tens of thousands of Easter eggs with toys

Flooding occurs in different cities and towns – from the Keel to the resort island of Usedom at the border with Poland. Hardest flooded the cities Rostock and Stralsund, Wismar recorded the water level at 1.83 meters higher than normal.

As reported by Deutsche Welle, the hurricane “Axel” blew several containers from the vessel to the Danish company Reederei Maersk, passing by the German island of Langeoog, with the result that the Bank has issued tens of thousands of Easter eggs with toys.

Floods occur regularly in Germany, but they usually have in the spring, and the utilities time to prepare for them and quickly deal with the consequences.

However, the flooding in 2006 was the exception to the rule. Especially hard was the situation in the East of the country. The water level in the Elbe river rose to the level of 7.5 meters. In the end, had to evacuate 25 thousand inhabitants of Dresden and its suburbs.

Recall, meteorologists do not exclude that the water level in the cities will rise by another 10 inches. In Lubeck, Wismar and Rostock level has exceeded norm more than half a meter.

While the Gale-force wind a little verse, according to broadcaster ARD. On the island of rügen, one of the areas of the commune Gager was cut off from the rest of the island. On another island, Germany Usedom – the damage was more significant.

In the East and the South of Germany is not excluded heavy snowfalls and rains and hail. On Friday throughout Germany are expected frosts down to minus 7 degrees, and in mountains up to minus 20.