The coffins had rotted, and the remains fell on top of each other – the Ukrainian diplomat about the state of the grave Olesya

Exhumation of the remains of the Ukrainian poet and writer Oleksandr Oles was forced, because his grave at the olšany cemetery in Prague is rotten. This was announced by charge d’affaires of Ukraine in the Czech Republic Zinovy hoshovskyy.

The diplomat explained that the exhumation of the remains of the Ukrainian poet was forced. He also noted that about this said Director of the Prague cemeteries.

“Since he was buried, Alexander Oles in 1944, his wife in 1948, is completely rotten coffins and the remains fell on top of each other,” says hoshovskyy.

Also chargé d’affaires added that it was discovered when was opened the tomb of Olesya.

“So the remains had to Jack up and they moved. They have a special Depository,” said hoshovskyy.

According to him, he together with the Director of cemeteries visited the Depository and saw the remains and even photographed them.

As you know, until recently, the rent for the grave Olesya paid on its own initiative, the citizen of the Czech Republic, a native of Ukraine Vladimir Mikhaylishin. Recently, however, Myhaylishyn died, and allegedly, his son Roman Myhaylishyn wanted to bury my father at the grave of Olesya.

In this regard, the diplomat hoshovskyy said that any violations in the actions of the Roman Mykhailyshyn was not.

“To keep him still, to bury his father, Vladimir Myhaylishyna, over the bodies as he obviously had planned, over the remains of Alexander Oles and his wife, agreed with the Director of cemeteries that those remains will be preserved in the Depository,” said hoshovskyy.

The diplomat said that the relationship with the Novel by Michalisin failed to come out. As said goshovskiy reports Vladimir Mikhaylishin reportedly did not leave a will about his burial.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman informed that under the Ministry of culture of Ukraine will be created a special Commissionthat will deal problemami the reburial of prominent Ukrainians.

We will remind, the head of the Institute of national memory Volodymyr viatrovych said that Ukraine as a state must initiate the return remains outstanding ukarintsev to his native land for burial in the National Pantheon.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported about the forced exhumation of the remains of Alexander Oles and his wife in the cemetery in Prague (Czech Republic).

According to the report, on the spot where was the tomb of Alexander Oles, was buried in the Vladimir Mikhaylishin, a native of Ukraine, who until recently cared for the burial of Alexander and Olesya pay the required rent.

Recall that according to Czech law are required to pay rent for 10 years use of the place in the cemetery. The rent is about 20 thousand CZK for 10 years (approximately 20 thousand).

Myhaylishyna after the death of his son, as legitimate heir, made the decision about the burial of his father in the tomb where he was buried Oles.

“The intervention of the Embassy of Ukraine the remains of Alexander Oles and his wife were moved to the Depository of the cemetery until the decision of the relatives of Alexander Oles, living in Canada, the place of final disposal of the remains”, – the press center of the foreign Ministry.

Oleksander Oles (1878-1944) – Ukrainian writer and poet. Son Oles, writer and archeologist Oleg Olzhych, one of the leaders of the OUN.