Doctrine of the Russian Federation in the Crimea may be the preparation of an attack on Ukraine – expert

Large-scale exercises in the occupied Crimea may be held to prepare for a major invasion of mainland Ukraine. This opinion was expressed in the comment “observer” Deputy Chairman of the Union of officers of Ukraine Yevhen Lupakov.

He noted that Ukraine should pay attention to the Russian fleet in Crimea, which Moscow has used against Ukraine.

“Putin is a beast, cornered, and he is dope can do anything. If it goes open war, it would be self-destruction, but he can kill a lot of people with him. Amphibious ships will go to Odessa, Nikolaev, Mariupol, the aircraft will go to Kiev and Lviv. And sure to be involved the fifth column, which is in Ukraine”, – said Lupakov.

He also added that Ukraine has enough Russian military, living as civilians, and they are waiting for a signal of the Kremlin.

However Lupakov believes that such a development is unlikely.

We will remind, today in the occupied Crimea began large-scale exercises involving three of the compounds of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation and the black sea fleet and Air and space forces. Just maneuvers on the ground Opuk involved more than 2,5 thousand Marines and about 600 units of military equipment.