A temporary subsidy: who refuse the discount when it can pick up and what to do after

In Ukraine, according to state statistics Committee, the grants issued for more than 6 million Ukrainian families. Almost every tenth household is “discount” for communal refused. According to statistics, most of subsidianes in the Sumy region – 58,6%, and in Odesa region – only 13.9%. The website “Segodnia” figured out how subsidies will help in the winter and that should help.

The grant was received millions of Ukrainians

“Families who have applied for the subsidy, pay for the consumption of gas, heat, electricity and water are not more than 10% of their monthly gross income. The average for Ukraine of 9.97%,” – said the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva. According to officials, up to 90% of the amount in the payment paid by the state. At this time the grant issued more than 6 million families. The average size of discounts – 1864 hryvnia.

Grants are appointed to the social norm of consumption. So, the rate of gas consumption of 5.5 cubic meters for every square meter of heated + 4 cubes for cooking, hot water and 1.6 cubic meters per person, cold water and 2.4 Cuba, electricity, 130 kWh for a family of one person + 30 kWh per person. The grant is for the social consumption norm, if you spent more for the “extra” will have to pay at the full rate.

This winter, the government estimates the subsidy will make seven million families, in fact, every second Ukrainian will get a discount on utilities. According to state statistics, Among the regions most subsidianes in Sumy and Ternopil regions (58,6% and 52.5%, respectively), and least of all – in Odessa and Kiev (13.9% and 20.1%, respectively).

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At the moment, the subsidy system protects not poor people, I’m sure an expert on social policy, Institute for social and economic research Marianna Onufryk. Thus, according to the UNDP, only 13% of subsidianes can really be considered poor. The system of subsidies, he said, to complicate. One of the main problems of the current system – the lack of mechanisms to avoid fraud, I am sure the Deputy head of the Department “Naftogaza” Alex, Habacuc. “There are a lot of aspects, and the question of dead souls, lowering their income and so forth,” – says the expert.

In “Naftogaz” confident that the standards of consumption of gases need to be reduced from 5.5 to 4 cubic meters per square meter. It should be noted that for several years in Ukraine the rate of consumption of blue fuel was reduced twice – from 11 to 5.5 cubic meters per square meter. Earlier in the apartment of 30 square meters, the subsidy for heating “blankets” 330 cubic meters of gas, after declining standards – only 165 cubic meters. If the standard will reduce to 4 cubic meters, the subsidy will cover the consumption of only 120 cubic meters. According to the source “Segodnia” the government plans to reduce the norm by the end of this heating season.

Discount is not given to the thousands of Ukrainians: for that you can take the subsidy

According Gosstata in subsidies last year rejected about 120 thousand families. As early as 2016, said the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, the number of refusals increased by about two times. On request “Segodnia” the Ministry of Finance, which carried out the verification of subsidianes, said often subsidiaty hide the purchase of 50 thousand hryvnias and because of this, deprived of the assistance from the state.

Subsidy irreversible state aid. Even the family that hides their income, after the “exposure” may be deprived of subsidies, while “saved” money does not need to return.

  • On the hot line of the Cabinet “Segodnia” explained the reasons why the Ukrainians could be left without grants:
  • If during the period of 12 months prior to the registration of grants the purchase was made or paid service in the amount of 50 thousand UAH

If grantee hides extra income

“Grant can’t get the people who are in the period of 12 months before the date of application for registration of subsidies, made a purchase or paid service in the amount of 50 thousand hryvnias. Exception – payment of utilities within social norms. Also in the account do not undertake medical procedures, to ensure viability,” – said on the hot line of the Cabinet.

If one of the family members, for example, paid for ophthalmological operation in the amount of 50 thousand UAH in subsidies so the family can refuse. “If you paid for the operation, no one denies the right to apply for a grant. However, the final decision is based on subsidies or not, in this case, it will take the Commission” – said on the hotline.

In the total income when calculating the subsidy also takes into account income from agricultural activities, rental housing, rental income from Bank deposits or securities. “Account of the income received within civil-law contract – from rental property to rent, sale of agricultural products and so on”, – noted in the Cabinet.

By the way, in Internet you can find dozens of ads for rental apartments with a good repair and furnished by the subsidy. The Ministry of economy say, if the family rents an apartment, obtain a grant, they can only on the housing in which they live. Moreover, in the design of the grant will be considered income from rental housing. As suggested by the officials, most likely, those who rents an apartment with “subsidies” hide additional rental income.

“Anyone who gets help and really need it to, no reason to be afraid. Not to take away people’s benefits subsidy. You need to be afraid of those who use the system illegally. If you place dead people, people who left. You need to be afraid those who violate the law”, – says Deputy Finance Minister Oksana Makarova.

What to do if not given a subsidy

Those Ukrainians who grant for any reason is not received, you should seriously think about winterizing their homes. According to the Chairman of one of Kiev condominiums Vasyl Rudnytsky, in his house the heating of one square meter costs of 6.85 hryvnia. So, for heat in the apartment with an area of 50 square meters will have to pay a total of 342.5 hryvnia. At the same time, residents of the capital who live in the same apartment, but, for example, in a house without heat meter, will have to pay 1648,5 hryvnia. “We have battery slightly warm, and in the house at least 20 degrees! The house is insulated, the set counter is created by heating unit”, – says Vasyl Rudnitskiy. To achieve such a result was possible due to the thermal modernization of the building – insulation of walls, seams, replacement Windows. The less “lost” heat, the less you have to pay for heating.

Most fortunate residents of buildings: the horizontal layout of the heating system (in most old houses have a vertical system) allows you to set heat meters in each apartment. As a result, each family is entitled to handle, how to spend Gcal and how much to pay for heating. Pay much less for heating and high-rise tenants who have installed the heater and insulate your home.

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To pay less, experienced energy auditor, Manager, DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun advises:

Step 1 – install meters. In order to start saving, you need to understand what really consumes heat the house. Thus the heat meter apartment in a typical high-rise building cannot be installed for technical reasons. “With single-pipe vertical heating system with supply from bottom or top of any one supplier would not agree to install the meter,” – says the expert. Therefore, most likely, have to use the family counters and how to actually pay less, save need the whole house, without insulation, to achieve this impossible.

Step # 2 – set individual heating unit, the system of regulation of heat consumption. “When it comes to the heating system, it needs to be weather-compensated controllers, balancing valves on the risers, thermostats on the radiators in the apartments,” – said Sergey Svistun. Such a system in the house for 100 apartments can cost in 300 thousand hryvnias, that is a total of 3000 hryvnia each apartment. Such equipment will allow to save from 15 to 30% of the heat and will pay for itself in 2-3 heating seasons.

Step # 3 – conduct an energy audit. Only an expert will be able to correctly answer the question: “where better to invest, and how to insulate the house?”. “There are cases when high-rise buildings are insulated with a thin foam with infringement of technology of installation, which at the height of the rain and wind off. Or when warmed a few apartments (the so-called “quilted insulation”) rather than, for example, to install in the stairwell, energy-efficient Windows or to install individual heat points, which as an investment will bring much more effect on saving energy and money of tenants”, – says the expert about the consequences of poor insulation of the house.

Step 4 – warm the house. Comprehensive insulation of buildings (replacement of Windows and doors, insulation of walls and seams) is expensive. At this point almost every city has a program to support condominiums. For example, in Kiev, 70% of the cost of insulation of a house are compensated from the city budget, and another 30% have to collect the tenants. On average, according to the Manager of the DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun, each apartment will have to pay for winterizing your home just a few thousand.

“We need the entire house to take a loan and pay you monthly. With growth rates of recoupment of such costs is getting higher and higher. You need to create condominiums and to unite. Credit to spend on the establishment of a heat meter, insulation of buildings, replacement of Windows, modernization”, – believes the expert of the National ecological centre of Ukraine energy saving Anna Shumeyko.