“Weakness begets evil”: Poroshenko rejected the plan Pinchuk for compromise with Russia

Compromise on Russian terms – this is the wrong policy for achieving peace in Ukraine.

This is stated in the article of the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev in The Wall Street Journal, published in response to an article by Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk in the Wall Street Journal.

“Regarding the review of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation on the theme “Ukraine needs to make painful compromises for peace with Russia”, then I agree with his noble call for peace in the Donbas. However, I can’t agree with a call for compromise on the basis of concern. Fears and weakness – bad advisers . They warmed the appetites of Russia provoke stronger aggression and cause even greater human suffering,” writes Elisha.

He is convinced that that is why Ukraine has always supported a solution based on national interests and the will of the Ukrainian people, who wants to see our country independent and prosperous, and the people’s choice was free from aggressive dictatorship.

Deputy head of the AP called on to identify several “red lines” that no one in Ukraine will not dare to cross, neither now nor in the future:

“First, no rejection of European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. It would be tantamount to the rejection of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. It would be tantamount to a return to the Soviet past in Ukraine – and that Mr Pinchuk was not welcome. The rejection of European integration would be political suicide for any politician in Ukraine who would dare call for such a dramatic reversal. Especially after the revolution of dignity and its demand for modernisation and reform.

Secondly, there is no trade in Ukraine, whether in Donbass or Crimea. These areas can’t be part of the bidding to the world. They is Ukraine, and it is confirmed at the international level, including UN GA Resolution on Crimea, which was adopted last month, and the report of the Prosecutor of the International criminal court in November last year. Ukraine will never leave to the mercy of the Ukrainians, trapped behind the iron curtain the Russian military invasion in Crimea and the Donbass.

Thirdly – there are no elections in the Donbass, is Russian boot is on Ukrainian soil. Ukraine supports the holding of local elections based on Ukrainian law and standards of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe. Of course, the Kremlin would like to legitimize their hybrid occupation and its puppet regime in the Donbass hands of Ukraine itself. However, one should not fall into that trap,” he listed Elisha.

Deputy head of the AP is convinced that the compromise on the terms of Russia is a wrong policy.

“One of the heavyweights of the new American administration (elected Vice-President Mike Pence – Ed.) once said: “History teaches that weakness begets evil” . This approach never led to sustainable peace or saving lives. Rather, this approach always feeds more aggression and causes human suffering”, he concluded.

We will remind, Victor Pinchuk stated in his article that the Ukraine is to refuse from European integration aspirations, and to put an end to the NATO membership. In addition, in his opinion, Ukraine must sacrifice annexed Crimea for peace with Russia, and also to agree to the freezing of the conflict in the Donbas.