The story of Harry Potter helps people not to fear death – study

Fans of books about the young wizard Harry Potter have less fear of death, as found by researchers from Salisbury University in Maryland, according to

The results of this research also suggest that thought constantly about the inevitable death of people much more often read books or watch movies in the popular franchise. For some of them, apparently, the fear of death is the primary motivator, the authors of the study. That is afraid of death, you a lot of time reading books about Harry Potter and watch the movies about him. Psychologists believe that this series is a kind of compensation mechanism, allowing you to shoot sharp fears and calm down.


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In addition, created by the English writer George. K. Rowling’s creations give the fans of her work to better understand their own anxieties and to understand them, which reduces their severity. In experiments, scientists have attracted more than 400 College students. They were asked to answer the question about how many times they read each of the books about Harry Potter and watched the films based on them.

Then they asked a number of questions about what they read and watched, and about how they perceive their own daily reflections on death. It turned out that people who read books at least nine times or watched the films at least 30 times, had the most pronounced representation of death and lower than the rest, was afraid of her.