Polish experts said, as Poland offended by Ukraine for Yushchenko

The experts rated the influence of the informal leader of Poland and leader of the party “law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Polish analysts say that relations with Ukraine Kaczynski is doing and will do a strong focus on issues of history, reports “Radio Freedom”.

Polish Explorer Paul Tails says that the importance of history in the present Polish-Ukrainian dialogue is not least the result of Polish-Ukrainian relations since the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko and Lech Kaczynski. Policy friends and allegedly agreed that they would not make any decisions that could harm the political career of a colleague. Tails claims that 7 years ago, the Kaczynski brothers are offended by the then President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, when he unexpectedly for them was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to Stepan Bandera. Is Yushchenko’s decision may have dealt a blow to the authority of Lech Kaczynski in Poland, which was severely disappointed by the act of his Ukrainian friend. “This led to incredible criticism of Lech Kaczynski from the right. They said that Kaczynski was a traitor, the victims of the Volyn demand the truth. This in turn left a deep imprint in politics, “Law and justice” in relation to Ukraine”, – said Pavel Tails.

Professor-scientist Anthony Dudek explains that in relations with Ukraine, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, is doing and will continue to focus on the past, because can not reckon with the opinion of his right wing electorate, which attaches great importance to historical issues. “Kaczynski should take account of their expectations and vulnerability to, on the one hand, to satisfy anti-Ukrainian sentiments in these environments, and with another – not to lose their support,” said the analyst.

Such opinion and Paul Tails: “Jaroslaw Kaczynski was on the Maidan, he unequivocally supports Ukraine’s aspirations to democratize and integrate into the EU and NATO. But over against Jaroslaw Kaczynski and his party in Ukraine is hanging so say the shadow of the past, the shadow of Volyn”.