Horoscope for April 23-29: the rams should bite my tongue, and Capricorns will soar to romantic heights

ARIES. The field of life values, the objectivity of self-assessment is the most relevant. The repertoire of desires changing dramatically: something like earlier, is not essential. Reconsider their attitude in the field of “take” – “give”, do an audit of income, expenses, carefully use natural resources.

In the service – deja vu, have a good “pokalyvanie” to complete the deficiencies, get rid of labour tails. First of all, be careful to avoid errors in the working papers, check the accuracy of any information.

Tongue bite, do not be pushy. Yes, you are smart, resourceful, but now, to speak and to Shine with erudition should be when asked. The effect will be more powerful. And not in time of the inserted “five cents” will only hurt your reputation.

Marriage of the blessed, take care of them, and the thought of razvode chase away.
Hold on to the Twins.

TAURUS. This week of spiritual transformation internally you are ready to make the jump to the highest step of perfection! Take care of appearance, update your fashion wardrobe and hairstyle. Put an end to bad habits and light the heart with love and eyes sexy Shine, then the satellite will stay tied and competitors as the wind will blow!

Do not talk about secret: keep it coming. In society you like a fish in water: tactful, elegant, subtly feel the mood of the public, so the lack of worthy friends will not have to complain. You can always enlist their support if you encounter urgent problems. It was the old guard of friends and fellow work colleagues will not fail you. The main thing – to avoid financial misunderstandings, and to pay off the loans.

If someone does not pay his debts, unfortunately, push is pointless, exacerbate differences. Wielding wicked.

Contacts with the Fishes predefined karmically.

GEMINI. If you find yourself in the humiliating role of “scapegoat” – don’t grumble, it was good. Be honest with yourself and the environment, courageously acknowledge the hidden weaknesses that now aktiviziruyutsya. Yes, you are Holy and have the right to make mistakes.

Forgive abusers, seek sympathy and piety in any painful situations. Purity of conscience, material donations – the key to mental and physical health. Do charity when the poor guy is your “client”.

Friendly series the spirit of the past, make here a “revision”, Ireland. Perhaps with some individuals, hindering spiritual evolution, you are already on the way. Now the bearing is necessary, reliable and progressive. His household, too, should make friends, keep educational “file” and build fraternal relationships on a friendly note.

Possible get plenty of rest, do things you love, and do his pleasure. Career ambitions, the struggle for the prestige of being the subject of yesterday.

Aries and Scorpios are the maximum in you are interested.

CANCERS. In a friendly sphere – a “reboot” where you want to weed out the wheat from the chaff, in the future trajectory of fate was successful. Now you reached the peak of career and social activity (walking), where you want to deal with people like-minded. Take seriously to make new friends and develop a romantic relationship in the key of commitment.

The service continues cleaning the Augean stables. If it seems that investing a lot of effort into the work, and the result is miserable – it’s misleading. In the professional field is actively working off accumulated karmic debts that ignore banned. The saboteurs and idlers the path of success will be blocked. And remember: the evil one will tempt the most responsible Executive and “tillers” to sow discord with superiors, colleagues.

Calves and Lions will perfectly complement you.

LIONS. “Reformatting” will affect career and business. Get ready to reorganisations, change of activity, change of leadership and service status. This is an instructive lesson of the fate of those who strayed from the right way (last year) and was late with the implementation of professional vocation, which is a natural gift. Look back, now there is devaluation of spiritual values, you need to rethink everything, throwing “it” that has outlived itself, and to set life on a new progressive fork vibration. It was then realized the cherished desire.

Do not take extra if you do not give, sorry – it should be. It is the destiny brings a fair balance over a period of 8-10 years.

Those who suffer from love failures, tip: keep bright minds and not rush headlong into the maelstrom of romantic adventure. It is a temptation from evil.

VIRGO. To recharge the life battery you are advised to travel more. Embark on a long tour, meeting with other customs, cultures will bring surprises, and in the end dramatically affect the philosophical Outlook. Face-to-face person can not see, all good is seen from afar.

Now your self-fulfillment depends on the interests, desires and demands of the environment, partners (business, marriage). They past creditors. Humbly “crush water in a mortar”, working out is the responsibility of karmic debt, where to rebel against himself. Without reckoning on the motion’s fate will be locked.

With family relations strained, the family have to toe the line, fight the temptation not to destroy privacy.

Hold on to the archers.

LIBRA. The time has come for the moral and material reckoning, the immediate discharge of the debt obligations. Do not worry, but rejoice, all natural. Any resources unfairly “prihvatizirovat” in the course of the year, will now have to return. Pay to debtors, then you fate will return all that is owed!

If someone in the “counter” play hide, go to the bayonet attack – to his own detriment. Stick diplomatic strategy. The mission of a peacemaker determined to you by the Creator, and to neglect it is to go against his will.

Keep a harmonious atmosphere in the service team, do not let anyone, avoid the double face. If work responsibilities are burdened, the humble, the time will come – and to have them released.

SCORPIONS. You all need! Come meet, connect and build business together on a Foundation of mutual interests and respect the heavenly and the legal laws. Abuse impossible! Near you in one team has to walk the face of high moral “leaven”.
Partners (and marriage too), not vpisyvaya to the demands of fate that must be transformed or go out of orbit. Never mind, they – the ballast, which prevents the development!

In the service – retrograde lane, navertyvat gaps, support the noble chivalrous attitude in the team and remember: “service and friendship”. Pile these concepts is impossible, filter!

If passionate personal desires nestled in the mind and cloud the mind is demonic magic. Fight damned!

ARCHERS. In the service – the process of “transformation” outlines personnel changes with a new range of responsibilities and changing work environments. Works and additional powers will increase, and the salary is also. Not converted into money for the sake of a workaholic: the mechanical work is harmful, coarsens the emotions, ground the soul that threatens the loss of health. Stress fatigue (warning to those who earns on the side) is contraindicated!

Creative approach to assigned tasks in a timely manner and artistic to transform into roles (boss-subordinate), change “costumes”, this game you know. Nothing new. The main push in time in the archives of memory a button. And not to give way to despotic tendencies. For the active action (until 25 August), the period of adverse.

CAPRICORNS. You are meant to rise from the depths of pessimism to the heights of romantic bliss and appreciate the beauty of life. Relax, life is a play, it is important to develop your own script, to change the rules of the game, masks, roles, and delight to entertain. Any routine should not overshadow the joy of the festive mood!

Your assignment is to create a strong and happy love Union, go for it!
My abode the spirit of the past, so immerse yourself in the nostalgia, make the mistakes, to restore relationships with family. Especially with young children.
On the work front, starts dynamic band (until 21 June), will have to “pokalyvanie” (on the left). But ovchinka worth the wycinki. The work will pay off financially: in material terms lucky.

If you are seriously ill – the cause of psychosomatic disease, is karmic retribution for many years. Plus you are prone to destructive self.

AQUARIANS. Family problems storm, demanding the reorganization, hit the mind, depriving equilibrium. Everything that happens here is beyond the control of your will – you are reaping well-deserved. Humbly adapt and serve nobly for the benefit of the family, strengthen family well-being. The material aspect now plays a key role.

With neighbors, brothers and sisters restore the relationship (close neighbor better than a distant relative), as necessary. Here promising chances.

In marriage couples is an interesting period, the partner is a crucial task, a stimulus to action, and intense spiritual development. And own need for most – regressive, because they are the product of selfishness. When something urgently needed – do not rush to throw money at the problem, “seven times measure, one –cut”.

If there suddenly appeared from the past old friends, and then “something” unfinished stayed in the relationship and requires revision. Be careful, it is not a coincidence!

FISH. You play the role of the worker-bee-toiler, collecting drop by drop the nectar into the honeycomb of happiness, getting the most out of meetings and situations that are not random, but conditioned by karma.

Magical charm plus comprehensive awareness will contribute to agreements with people on any topic, addressing the pressing issues of carrying a successful future. If the actions of the partners (business, marriage) resonate with your personal innermost desires – it’s wonderful. You are on a roll! Although, temporarily we will tighten the reins and not to rush a crazy pace.

Businessmen and careerists band (until November 9) temptations. If the boss was a tyrant or abuses the powers – this “infection” can affect you. Gain spiritual immunity.

With Libra and Taurus, it is desirable to communicate more.